Welthee: Blockchain Platform Designed for New Retail Investors

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Retail investment is at an all time high since the pandemic. A recent survey by Charles Schwab found that 15% of current retail investors joined the market in 2020. More so, finance experts agree that the markets for almost every type of asset are saturated as people seek sources of passive income in times of uncertainty and low job security. Their funds have been popularly allocated into real estate, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Most of these investments, however, are done by people with little to no experience in these fields. A situation that fuels mass speculation and concerns over the stability of these markets. What is needed is an easy and accessible way for these newcomers to find smart ways to invest and become educated while they’re at it.

Founded by Cristian Voaides, Welthee is a Swiss blockchain platform and Romanian developed tech product that seeks to meet this need by creating new markets for people who previously did not have access to these investment opportunities. It simplifies investment by allocating funds into several portfolios simultaneously to distribute and minimize risk as much as possible.

The platform’s strength comes from three main features: demonetization, dematerialization, and democratization. By digitizing assets, Welthee is able to demonetize access to these markets by  bypassing previous limitations such as administration and market entry fees. It also removes all the middlemen involved in traditional finance by replacing brokers and agents with smart contracts. Finally, Welthee lowers the costs of participating in these markets to a point where it is accessible to everybody, thus making them more democratic.

In comparison with other investment platforms, Welthee offers users a number of advantages.

  • Zero fees other than the transaction costs required by the blockchain;
  • As little as 0% variable risk: there are not similar options for novice investors or veterans;
  • Non-custodial platform: investors and clients keep their funds in their own wallets;
  • Multiple placements with small budgets: An account can be created with as little as $50;
  • Each portfolio has a stop-loss, a profit target, and a time limit: tools that out the emotional aspect of investing and limits the potential for loss;
  • Each portfolio comes pre-diversified to spread out the risks involved in investing.

All of these are possible thanks to that platform’s comprehensive ecosystem that combines patent-pending risk mitigation methods, AI-based portfolios, automated recurring investments, and even institutional accounts and debit cards.

Welthee will soon be available to new retail investors who wish to optimize their sources of passive income. Its native token is already available and its first financial product will be an NFT due for launch in July 2021. The platform will also offer in-depth educational resources that will make important investment information available to all users.

To learn more about Welthee or catch up on the project’s roadmap, read their white paper by visiting or join their Telegram.

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