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Website Builders: Comparing Webflow, Wix, GoDaddy, Shopify and Elementor

The US Small Business Association recommends that a small business creates a marketing plan in order to create a strategy for marketing their business to customers. They also state that this is one of the best ways to both stay within timeframes and keep marketing costs within budget. One of the essential marketing tools that any business should have is a website. This is a vital aspect of doing business in the modern world and staying relevant to customers. There are a great deal of website building services available and this article will evaluate some of them to give small business owners a better understanding of which website builder will be best for them. 


Webflow is a website builder and website hosting platform which is based in San Francisco. The service is extremely popular as it alone hosts 0.3% of all the websites which exist. The website building tool does not require any previous experience with programming or with website builders. It offers highly customizable templates which can be manipulated using drag and drop functionality. This makes the website builder accessible to all users. Even though Webflow is more expensive than its competitors it makes up for this with a wealth of features and functionality. This is in addition to the great degree of customization which the website builder allows its users. The Really Useful Information Company (TRUiC) has a wide range of resources available to help a business owner discover Webflow


Wix offers a very strong option for website builders especially for first time website builders or those who are inexperienced with website building platforms. Wix offers drag and drop functionality and takes this very seriously. It allows its users to drag and drop text, pictures, and sections of the website with ease and all of these facets of the website will remain in place when the website is published. Wix users do not need to be concerned about dealing with margins or other forms of padding as the features of the website are not subject to these constraints. 


The GoDaddy website builder takes simplicity and effectiveness to another level. The website builder is so straightforward and efficient that it allows its users to have a highly functional website in only five minutes of development time. It is a particularly useful website builder for business owners who find themselves more concerned with the basics of a website than with a great deal of customization. The GoDaddy website builder also gives its users access to sophisticated SEO tools on even their lowest-end of packages. This can be greatly beneficial to small businesses as they can maximize their websites ability to be discovered on search engines leading to more business. 


Shopify is a website builder tailored toward businesses which are looking to establish an ecommerce presence online. The Shopify website builder has strong features that create an intuitive user experience for building an online store. This can be the case for anyone no matter whether they are looking to make a small business on the side or begin their online empire. The website builder features detailed analytics to allow business owners to better understand the manner in which customers interact with their website. Additionally, Shopify boasts an app store that allows its users to integrate their websites with thousands of different platforms. 


Elementor is a website builder which features templates that are created by professional website designers. There are a wide range of templates available and they are suited to businesses of all different sizes and needs. The templates are fully customizable using drag and drop editing functionality. This means that a small business owner can create an aesthetically pleasing website without needing to know anything about programming whatsoever. The website builder also includes promotional features to better interact with customers and create a more inviting and engaging experience for them. 

Final Thoughts 

There are plenty of website builders available on the market for small business owners looking to create an online presence for their business. Each has certain strengths and weaknesses which make them more ideal for one type of business than another. Webflow is recommended for those looking for a great deal of features and functionality for their website. Wix is best for those who are new to website building and want to create a website without needing to worry about margins. GoDaddy is another great website builder for simplicity and efficiency of website creation. Shopify is most well suited for those looking to establish an ecommerce presence on the internet. Elementor offers some of the most aesthetically pleasing templates allowing for the creation of stunning websites.  

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