Web3’s 5 All-Star Marketing Agencies of 2023

Top Web3 Marketing Agencies 2024

2023 was a wild and rejuvenative year for the web3 space. The trillion-dollar industry produced a brand new Real World Assets (RWA) sector and saw an emphatic rebound from DeFi and blockchain gaming after a stifling multi-year bear market. Meanwhile, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blue-chips are leading the charge toward new all-time highs in an anxiously anticipated calendar year 2024. Needless, to say, 2023 will likely go down as a major turning point in the plight of digital assets. But it was not just a year of technical innovation and business development. Web3’s big turnaround was also fueled by strategic marketing, witty promotional campaigns, and cogent incentives that helped the space to get back on its feet and soar to new heights.

In addition to the thousands of cryptocurrencies that make up the web3 landscape today, there are hundreds of blockchain ventures, consultancies, and other organizations that specialize in marketing, public relations, and brand building. To close out the year, we assembled the top five names in the business that shaped narratives and melted faces from behind the scenes in 2023.

5) Web3.Agency

Web3.Agency is one of web3’s most successful and well regarded marketing firms – and likely its most aptly named as well. The company prides itself on being a full-cycle digital marketing agency that specializes in blockchain and other emergent technologies. As strong proponents of decentralization, the Web3.Agency team has had little trouble making friends and allies across the digital asset space, and has committed itself to supporting and promoting the web3 industry and its principles at large.,, and Cyber Fund are among Web3.Agency’s elite clients.

4) Lemonade

Lemonade is a tech-focused marketing agency delivering critical brand-building services at the bleeding edge of technological innovation. Although the company is very active in the web3 space, it also draws on experience building brands for more traditional tech companies, including Netflix, IMax, and Vice TV. With a strong team with deep expertise in the twenty-first century tech scene, Lemonade has already landed and elevated major web3 clients, including Bitpay, Certik, and Manta. Lemonade’s most pressing commitment is to the long-term: the company affirms that the key to driving blockchain and web3 technologies is by buckling down,  preparing a lengthy runway, and winning the long game one day at a time. By leaving the gimmicks and hype on the sideline, Lemonade develops winning marketing campaigns for major web3 brands.

3) Viral Nation

Viral Nation has made waves around the web3 and traditional tech spaces alike for its client successes, which include Uber and Logitech. Viral Nation prides itself on its social media expertise and influencer marketing strategies. The organization has more recently taken the dip into the web3 space, where communications, marketing, and social exchanges primarily take place on social media platforms. Within Web3, the company is notorious for their thorough content and NFT strategies, extensive network, and uncanny ability to curate just the right campaign for unique projects and talents.

2) Blockwiz

Blockwiz is a web3’s premier data-driven marketing agency that leverages publicly available data to generate effective marketing campaigns, brand strategies, and other public initiatives. The company works with some of web3’s most prominent organizations, including Gemini and Bybit, and provides specialized services that range from product growth advisory to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and public relations.

1) Lunar Digital Assets

With all of web3’s big players in the marketing and PR verticals considered, Lunar Digital Assets (LDA) stood out as 2023’s top performer. The full-stack web3 marketing agency responsible for Matic Network’s epic Polygon rebrand has been raising the bar year after year. Having already cultivated expertise over brand building, social media marketing, and public relations strategies, LDA has gone one step further by taking on a new role as a top-to-bottom project incubator.

After incubating QuickSwap as a cutting-edge decentralized exchange (DEX) to evangelize Polygon’s scaling technologies, LDA incubated Dogechain, a Layer 1 EVM designed to target the Dogecoin community, and boldly built out a robust ecosystem of DeFi and NFT applications around it. In 2023’s final act, the marketing-agency-gone-incubator has now launched Kinetix, a holistic DeFi hub on the Kava EVM app-chain, which has delivered a pair of state-of-the-art DeFi platforms in the mission to jumpstart yet another high-performance ecosystem.

But even as an incubator, LDA has managed to raise the bar into uncharted territory. In 2023, LDA famously created web3’s top-performing podcast, All Roads Lead to Polygon (ARLTP), in order to galvanize the Polygon community and bring together its many projects and thought leaders. A resounding success, ARLTP holds weekly episodes with top figures from around the entire web3 space, including influencers, entrepreneurs, and other experts, and attracts tens of thousands of listeners per week that often tune in for upward of three hours. In addition to bringing together the entire web3 space, LDA hit a massive home run for the Polygon ecosystem with ARLTP.

Web3 Marketing in 2024

As web3 enters 2024, one thing is for certain: as web3 technologies continue to grow and mature, strategic marketing and growth strategies will continue to become prerequisites for building winning projects, platforms, and ecosystems as the competition ramps up.

According to recent press releases, Lunar Digital Assets is reportedly open to taking on at least one new client from the blockchain gaming sector in 2024. At present, the organization is actively looking for an epic gaming project to push through to the mainstream gaming scene and dismantle negative stigmas surrounding web3 gaming in general. With not only ambitious vision but tangible strategies in  place to advance web3 gaming toward mainstream adoption, it will be interesting to see what moves LDA makes in 2024.

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