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Web3 Social Platform Switches to User-Centric Ownership Model is a social platform that is at the forefront of using Web3 technology. It has recently implemented a novel ownership model whereby users may purchase shares of the platform and become investors in the firm. 

TakeAway Points:

  • social platform has  initiated a user-centric ownership model.
  • Users can now purchase shares on the platform and become investors in the company.
  • This initiative has drawn a wide range of users, including NBA players, esports celebrities, and cryptocurrency influencers, broadening its appeal outside of the cryptocurrency space.

User-Centric Ownership

This calculated action highlights a more general change in the digital investment environment towards democratisation. Users are more than just participants; they are real investors who strengthen the company’s bonds and foster a feeling of community. Users can now invest directly in the platform, influencing its direction and taking a role in its success, according to a deal with existing shareholders, including Paradigm. This is a major shift in the crypto industry towards a paradigm that is more user-centric.

Launched on August 10, 2023, quickly became a prominent decentralised application (dApp) on the base layer, with over 200,000 users and a significant trade volume. The platform is unique in that it converts user influence into transferable tokens called “keys,” allowing users to get access to a creator’s influence or attention. 

This ground-breaking concept has drawn a wide range of users, including NBA players, esports celebrities, and cryptocurrency influencers, broadening its appeal outside of the cryptocurrency space. The participation of Paradigm, which is connected to Coinbase, increased trust in’s potential even more. But the network raised privacy issues, especially with relation to user doxxing because Twitter profiles and Ethereum addresses are connected. 

In spite of efforts to allay these worries—which included providing clarification on information that had been exposed from their public API— has seen a drop in both revenue and popularity in the last few months.

Inclusive Governance and Entrepreneurship

With regard to technological entrepreneurship and governance in the cryptocurrency space,’s move to provide users with ownership shares represents a major advancement in inclusivity and equity. Now that users have the ability to directly affect the platform’s direction, cooperation is encouraged, and conventional venture capital funding models are put to the test. The move represents a larger trend towards decentralised and community-driven platforms, with paradigms playing a key role in this user-centric economic model. is fostering a more cooperative culture within the community by giving users authority over tokens and ownership stakes. This is opening the door for increased user participation and investment.

Taking On Issues and Maintaining Principles

However, in recent months,’s revenue dropped from over $1 million to less than $15,000, despite its initial success and popularity. Although the platform’s distinctive approach drew users from a wide range of backgrounds, privacy concerns pertaining to user doxxing negatively impacted the platform’s reputation. seeks to preserve openness and honour its dedication to user privacy and security by aggressively resolving these issues and stressing the need for users to exercise caution when protecting sensitive information.

Accepting Change and Encouraging Diversity

A wider trend towards democratising digital investment opportunities is exemplified by’s move towards an ownership model that is centred around users. In addition to upending conventional venture capital structures, the platform strengthens community and collaboration by enabling users to become investors. 

Leading the charge in the cryptocurrency space towards user-centric and decentralised business models is, with backing from Paradigm. is a company that sets new norms for investment and interaction in the rapidly evolving field of Web3 technology. In spite of obstacles, the company is committed to promoting inclusion, transparency, and user empowerment.

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