Web3 marketing expert Tyler Mullins shares his thoughts about where the industry is going

How did you get started with Web3 marketing?

I started organically acquiring Web3 clients when we were a traditional agency. Learned the nuances of Web3 marketing through first-hand trials and tribulations. Started to develop a personal interest in Web3 overall and a better understanding of the space. Conducted market research across the current Web3 landscape and saw an awesome opportunity to drive results and be a great partner for Web3 projects, so I capitalized. 

What is Omni Agency?

Omni Agency is a Web3 Community Building Agency. We specialize in growing and nurturing authentic Web3 communities, focusing specifically on driving three main KPIs. 

  1. Community growth
  2. Community engagement
  3. Community conversions – turning the community into actual purchasers and users

Our agency believes that innovation is at the core of the best marketing tactics, especially in Web3. We take this belief very seriously and implement a nuanced approach to our marketing efforts, using tactics and strategies to drive results that have never been used before. Not only does this create a competitive moat for our agency but moreover, it assures our clients that whether they’re using a traditional marketing tactic or an innovative one, for them, we’re getting them the most cost-effective results available on the market with our understanding of both streams. 

Our vision is that every good business in the Web3 space should have a thriving community behind it that is very integrated with the growth and progress of the business. Our mission, is to create ​​the best-in-class experience for every client we work with by staying in line with our values honesty is the best policy, and relationships matter, so we’re going to step out of scope and go above and beyond to provide value, and lastly, raise a concern, and we’ll offer a solution to that concern. This, paired with unparalleled transparency and communication is what drives our mission forward. 

What are your best tips for a person that wants to get into the industry?

Web3 marketing is an ever-evolving space. While there is a lot of online education on it, you can be misled by outdated tactics, fluctuating market conditions, and evolving regulations. I’d recommend looking for a position within an existing agency or funded startup to get a foothold on current tactics.

Leveraging online communities and forums is another great way to build your education. A lot of Web3 marketing is ever-evolving tactics and unique guerrilla concepts. Being able to stay up to date with these changes through real-time conversations is very valuable in itself, let alone the unique knowledge you can gain from a variety of individuals communicating about one specific field. 

For advice on how to get a position at an agency, I would recommend being consistent through outreach to decision-makers at that agency, showcasing foundational knowledge, and more importantly the ability to adapt and be flexible in new positions. 

If you could only use one marketing channel to grow a project, what would that be?

Twitter hands down. Twitter is a great platform for driving brand reach & growth through both organic and paid tactics while being the HUB for Web3-related audiences. While a platform like Discord allows for amazing community management & nurturement, it is very limited from a growth standpoint. Twitter, through nuances of Omni’s management strategies, can serve a similar structure to Discord but, still, allow for amazing growth and reach. Leverage different tactics & guerrilla marketing opportunities on Twitter and you’ll be very pleased to see how you can manipulate the algorithm and structure of the platform to serve 

Where do you see the Web3 industry going in the coming 5 years?

I see the Web3 industry becoming more integrated in the coming 5 years. Right now, Web3 by outsiders seem like its ecosystem and environment are separate from more traditional industries. In the future, I believe Web3 will become more integrated across industries rather than perceivably operating in its own ‘bubble’.

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