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Web Hosting Provider: Interview with Bogdan Toshev General Manager at HostArmada

Bogdan Toshev General Manager at HostArmada

HostArmada Inc. provides reliable web hosting solutions with very high uptime, extremely fast support, secure, simple and easy-to-use tools.  After 1 year in the market, the business is already serving 3000+ customers. The general manager Bogdan Toshev, shares some of the success stories with us and more detail on the services at HostArmada.

Please tell us a little more about yourself and your experience in the Web Hosting Industry?

My name is Bogdan and I am the general manager at HostArmada. I have more than 5 years of experience in the Web Hosting Industry so far and I’m looking forward to a lot more – God bless! What makes me extremely happy is being able to influence and provide a service that leaves the user satisfied. Seeing our customers’ projects grow on our servers is an extremely rewarding experience. As a person I can say that I’m inclined to workaholism, still, I use my free time doing active stuff like going to the gym, playing football, reading books and learning new languages – currently studying Japanese. I’m a firm believer that one should always work on improving their health and abilities in this fast-paced world.

What is Hostarmada?

HostArmada is a web hosting company created with the mission to serve the needs of its users as widely as possible and better than what is currently on the market. We take pride in providing clear information about our services and delivering on our initial proposition to the customer. Even though the company is almost 3 years old, each person on the team behind it has at least 5 years of experience and different web hosting providers. Out of that experience we derived a lot of things that can be improved and that is exactly what we are constantly focused on. We are aiming to achieve the highest possible quality of service both in terms of web hosting plans and support.

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There are many web hosting providers in the market, what unique domain and web hosting features/services do you provide, what are the benefits of using HostArmada?

There are 4 very important principles that we abide by when it comes to differing ourselves from other companies – transparency, innovation, tolerance, spread of wisdom. We are very clear with our customers and we always provide them with all the possible options that they have when it comes to scenarios like “what the best plan for their project will be” to “how to resolve a certain issue”.  We are also constantly working on our platform and improving it, which is one of the main reasons why I can confidently say that we have one of the fastest loading times on the market as well as one of the most stable solutions. Yet, we are also working on a new improvement of our services that I cannot reveal too much about, I can only say at this time that it will further increase our speed and security and there are only a few hosting providers currently on the market that have a feature similar to ours. HostArmada is not a company that has aggressive behavior toward our customers. In cases where a certain user has a higher resource usage compared to what their plan offers, we always contact them before taking any restrictive action and discuss with them what the best options for them are and if it is possible to solve the issue at hand. We do also openly share our experience with different problems that we have figured out in our knowledge base, which stands as one of the richest that you can find in the web hosting market.

What is the technology powering your platform, could you give us a walkthrough of the HostArmada hosting platform and how it works?

That is always a subject to change so I cannot provide a clear answer as we are always using the latest available perks on the market in order to ensure that our service is ahead of the curve. We are also providing options to our customers, like Web Servers NGINX and LiteSpeed, so we can make sure that they always go for what works best for them.

How do you ensure security, maximum uptime and efficiency to your clients?

It’s quite simple. Instead of aiming to maximize our profit margins, we aim to provide a solution that has resource availability at all times. That way each customer can enjoy the fair share of resources that they subscribed for, instead of having HostArmada milk the servers’ capabilities.

One of the most important services of a web hosting company is customer support, how does your team ensure timely and effective response?

We greatly value our customer support team and we make sure to be as fast as humanly possible whenever a user of ours needs help. We have a strict policy to instantly reply to all chat requests and an average response time over a support ticket of 10-15 minutes.

We understand you have been self-funded till date, are there any available opportunities for investors or partners at Hostarmada?

As of the moment we are not looking for any additional investments in our business. We are only getting into strategic partnerships that would improve the service that we deliver to our users. Investing into our business would certainly be good as that would allow us to let’s say “accelerate” some of our planned releases, however, investors are usually interested in maximizing their returns, which could end up affecting the quality of service that we are looking to uphold. With that in mind, we would like to keep moving at our own pace and ensure that everything is done properly with the customer as the first thing in our mind.

From your wealth of web hosting experience, what would be your web hosting guide to startups on how to choose a good hosting?

I would advise all of the customers to look for a service that is keeping up with the times – uses the latest technologies and has a responsive crew that is always there for them. If the company manages to do that at a respectful price, then it is just a bonus. Get in touch with them, try to learn if they are valuing you and your business as you would expect them to. This is a strong indication that your project will be in good hands.

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