We The People Holsters Shares The 5 Most High-Tech Guns In The World


If you’ve ever watched a James Bond movie, you’ve seen weapons that look like something out of the future. While some of those futuristic weapons that 007 had in his arsenal seemed unrealistic at the time, there are now some weapons on the market that resemble something you would see in “GoldenEye.” The weapon experts at We The People Holsters have put together a list of 5 of the most high-tech guns in the world today.

1. Corner Shot

Most people assume that having the ability to fire a bullet around corners is something that is only possible in the movies. However, the team at Corner Shot has made it a reality. A team of investors from the United States teamed with a senior officer from the Israel Defense Forces to create a weapon that allows users to see around corners by using the attached camera and also fire from a variety of angles while safely positioned around a corner out of the enemy’s sights. Militaries that are using Corner Shot weapons have also managed to incorporate grenade launching options into it, making an even more impressive weapon.

Corner Shot technology can be purchased and installed on a variety of firearms. Glock 17, 18, 19, 22, and 23 models are compatible with technology, as well as Beretta M9, 92F and M93R models. There are other handgun models that are compatible with Corner Shot technology, so find out if yours is on the list. This technology essentially transforms your semiautomatic pistol into a pistol-caliber short, barreled rifle with a front section that swivels.

2. ADS Amphibious Assault Rifles

Developed by Russian forces, the ADS Amphibious Assault Rifle allows combat drivers to fire while on land or underwater. The prototype for a land/water hybrid rifle was first introduced in 2015 at IDEX but has quickly become reality. The ADS can fire 700 rounds per minute while underwater or on land. With a land range of 500m and a range of 25m while being used underwater, the ADS Amphibious Assault Rifle is one of the most technologically advanced weapons in the world.

The Russian Army has been using weapons that were designed for use underwater for decades. However, the ADS Amphibious option was among the first that could be used on land and in water. While you probably can’t get your hands on a weapon from Russia’s Armed Forces, continue to monitor the technology behind these weapons which will undoubtedly eventually become available for firearm owners around the world.

3. Armatix iP1

Armatix Firearms launched as a spinoff of SimonsVoss Technologies AG. The company specializes in creating weapons that are technologically advanced while still offering practical protection for users. The Armatix iP1 has electronics built directly into the pistol, including the electronic magazine disconnection option, color-coded operating indicators, and multiple operating modes. Perhaps the most technologically advanced feature of this .22 caliber, 10-round magazine is the fingerprint enabled watch that it relies on. If the watch is not within 25cm of the firearm, it will not fire. This almost guarantees that the firearm cannot be used against its owner.

The weapon does have to be paired with the watch or else it works just like any other firearm that can be fired by anyone. This pairing process can take a bit of time and some tech-savviness. However, the security that is afforded by smart weapon technology makes it a great option for those who have an interest in the tech world as well as the firearm industry. 

4. MagPul FMG9

The MagPul FMG9 is a collapsible firearm that can be folded up into a block that resembles a portable radio or a laptop battery. Sometimes referred to as a “Glock in a Box,” the FMG9 uses a Glock 17 sliding mechanism and is compatible with any Glock 9mm magazine, including Glock 18 mags that can hold 30 to 33 rounds. 

FMG stands for “Folding Machine Gun.” Instead of being made of metal components, the weapon is mostly made of a lightweight polymer that increases the ease of folding and unfolding the weapon. The technology behind these collapsible weapons has been picked up by Bushmaster who started producing their own version of the FMG several years ago. They chose the term “Adaptive Combat Rifle” or “ACR” for short. 

5. Chiappa Rhino

One of the most common knocks on revolvers is found in the fact that their recoil pushes the weapon straight up into the air, rendering them less accurate than other handguns on the market. While some marksmen have been able to put in the needed practice to accurately fire revolvers, the most casual gun hobbyist often struggles with accurately firing them. Enter the Chiappa Rhino which revamped the revolver sector of the handgun market.

The look of the Rhino indicates that these revolvers are far more futuristic than those that you’ve seen in every John Wayne movie. However, the futuristic style is necessary because Chiappa changed the way that these revolvers fire. Instead of firing from the top of the cylinder, the Rhino fires from the bottom. This lowers the axis of the gun’s bore to the palm of the shooter’s hand which produces a recoil that comes straight back instead of upwards. Not only does the Chiappa Rhino look like something out of a futuristic western movie, but it also provides significantly more accuracy than its older counterparts.


Technology has made an impact on every walk of life, and the firearm industry is certainly no different. Continue to monitor sources such as We The People Holsters to find out more about innovations in firearm technology that will change the way you defend yourself, your family, and your Second Amendment rights in the future.

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