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WBWMMO Lists Down 5 of the Best Woodworking Podcasts to Follow this 2022

Aside from money-making advice, What is the Best Ways to Make Money Online also aims to give out fresh information that can awaken and motivate the creative spirit of digital entrepreneurs. Woodworking is one of the many crafts and activities that people found fun and interesting as a past-time this pandemic. However, what makes it more relevant to the lives of aspiring digital entrepreneurs is the fact that more than being a hobby, woodworking can also be a possible business venture. In their article, What is the Best Ways to Make Money Online made a list of five of the best woodworking podcasts to follow this 2022.


The art of woodworking may sound direct and simple such that it only pertains to anything related to wood but it is actually more than that. In its essence, woodworking is is the skill or craft of creating things from wood. However, woodworkers do not just create anything but pieces that are useful or decorative. They can also incorporate other materials necessary to complete such wood pieces. 

There are other subcategories under woodworking and the most common in the list include cabinet making, wood carving, joinery, carpentry, and woodturning. Cabinet making is the craft of turning and manufacturing wood into cabinets while wood carving is making wood pieces and figurines through the use of cutting and carving tools. Joinery and carpentry are somewhat similar in a way that they involve the use of wood in making or repairing a building and its parts. Lastly, woodturning is the craft of shaping wood using a lathe (just like how pottery works) and turning it into various wood pieces. Topics under these subcategories and the entire nature of woodworking are discussed in the podcasts featured in the said article.

Podcast #1: Wood Talk

First on their list is the woodworking podcast entitled Wood Talk which is hosted by the trio Marc Spagnuolo, Shannon Rodgers, and Matt Cremona. Accordingly, this podcast is for those who are into multi-tasking since their episodes are purely light and entertaining which are perfect for those who want to kill time or listen while doing something else. Wood Talk has now over 500 episodes released online that cover the latest industry trends and news as well as tips and tricks for budding woodworkers out there.

Podcast #2: The Woodpreneur Podcast

Next to Wood Talk is something that woodworking fans who are also aspiring entrepreneurs would be interested in – The Woodpreneur Podcast. Just like its name, this podcast mainly caters to those who are in the woodworking business or are planning to do so. It covers topics from the business side of the woodworking industry and are most relevant to woodworkers, sawmill owners, and other entrepreneurs in the woodworking industry. To do so, they interview business owners, large-scale companies, entrepreneurs, makers, and designers who give relevant business and marketing advice to their listeners.

Podcast #3: Hand Tool Book Review

The third podcast in the list is specially catered to who they call “woodworms” – woodworkers who are also into reading books. Therefore, Hand Tool Book Review’s episodes are mostly book reviews and recommendations of helpful and relevant woodworking books and references. What is the Best Ways to Make Money Online mentioned some of the featured books in the podcast namely: “A Cabinetmakers Notebook” by James Krenov, “Chinese Domestic Furniture” by Gustav Ecke, and “The Craftsman” by Richard Sennett.

Podcast #4: Makers Figuring it Out

Beginner woodworkers no longer have to go alone and blind in their journey towards success in woodworking because the next podcast entitled Makers Figuring it Out is the ultimate guide they are looking for. It is this podcast’s aim to shine a light on those who are just starting their woodworking journey and redirect those who are already in the middle but are currently feeling lost. Their episodes include interviews of experts, experienced woodmakers, and even novices who share the lessons they have learned from their struggles and experiences as woodmakers.

Podcast #5: Modern Woodworkers Association

Last but not the least is the Modern Woodworkers Association which caters to every woodworker in general. It aims to inform, inspire, and entertain woodworkers in the online community by providing relevant information about the art and craft of woodworking. Listeners are also encouraged and invited to join groups and networks of woodworkers all over the world whether it is local-based or online.

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