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Ways To Save Money On Motoring

Driving on the streets of the UK can be very financially demanding, especially if you are unaware of the many money-saving tricks available to everyday motorists. One of the best ways to save money on your motoring costs is to look at your fuel consumption. Studies show that you can save up to 25% on fuel expenses, by making a few small changes to your driving habits.

In this article, we shall find out 5 helpful tips that will help you to save money while motoring. 

  • Buy fuel-efficient cars: 

Fuel-efficient vehicles should be the first choice if you are looking to save on your motor expenses. Models like the Peugeot 208 are one of the most loved fuel-efficient vehicles on the roads of the UK. With an economy of up to 73.6mpg, they can save you a pretty penny on your transport costs

  • Developing fuel-saving habits: 

While you are driving, it’s important to develop habits that use less fuel. Some of the best ways could be accelerating the vehicle gently, turning off the engine at red lights, avoiding lanes with heavy traffic, switching off the air conditioner while not needed, and maintaining a constant speed while driving on the motorway. Idling in traffic often leads to wasting a lot of fuel, thus avoiding idling often is a good practice.

  • Take special care about legalities: 

Avoiding fines while on the road is key to lowering the costs of motoring as they often come with driver penalties that increase your insurance premiums. It’s also very important to ensure that your license is up to date. You must renew your license renewed every 10 years, even if there is not much change in your physical appearance. Failing to renew can slap you with a penalty of £1,000.

  • Using second-hand cars: 

buying a second-hand car can be a viable option if you want to save some money. With over 2.1 million used cars purchased annually, data shows we should not hesitate to buy used cars if we are planning to save on motor expenses. Buying a used car comes with numerous financial benefits, other than just saving on the purchase price. Some of them include not having to deal with large amounts of depreciation

  • Making the right economical tire choice: 

Yes, you read it right. Not many drivers focus on tires, but we cannot ignore the fact that selecting an A rating tire helps you save a fortune on your fuel costs. Selecting the right tyre and having it at the correct air pressure can significantly increase the MPG of your car. The best way to find out what tyre and pressure best suits your car, check the user manual or take it to a local garage.

Owning a vehicle and driving it on the road is always going to come at a cost, but with the tips above you can ensure that owning a car doesn’t break the bank. 

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