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Ways To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

These days, energy efficiency is more important than ever. It can save you money for one thing, and that’s always critical when you’re on a limited budget. But it’s also good for the planet, and decreasing your energy use is simply an excellent thing to do to serve the broader community. You might, however, wonder how to make your home more energy efficient. Consider a few of the following ideas.

Switch Out Your Energy Sources

First, consider switching out your energy sources. Read up on the renewable energy solution ideas being proposed today. Then decide if you can incorporate some into your home. You might install a solar panel, for instance. Such changes can be expense, so make sure you budget for them and work with a licensed professional.

Maintain Your Systems

You can also make your home more energy efficient by maintaining your current systems. Have your heating and cooling systems checked every year for efficiency, for example, and make repairs right away. Clean out your air filters regularly, too. You might hire a professional to inspect your electrical system as well, especially if you notice any strange flickering in your lights or sparking at your outlets.

Check for Leaks

Air leaks around your doors and windows are a major source of energy loss, so check for those regularly. If you find problems, caulk around your windows (or hire a handyman to do it for you), and/or install plastic weatherization over your windows and a weather guard under your door. If you have a wall unit air conditioner, it, too, can be a source of cold air coming into your home. Use an air conditioner cover, and do your best to fill gaps around the machine.

Unplug Gadgets

Do you realize that when you leave your gadgets plugged in, they are using energy even when you aren’t using them? So unplug them. Turn your computer off at night, and unplug it. This is actually better for the machine anyway. Don’t leave chargers plugged in either, and unplug your microwave, toaster, coffeepot and other kitchen gadgets when not in use. Even unplug your television and other elements of your entertainment system. You will save electricity.

Set Your Thermostat Right

Be careful, too, about how you set your thermostat. Even turning it down a couple degrees in the winter and up a couple degrees in the summer can make a difference in your energy usage. In the winter, you can put on a sweater or snuggle up with a cozy blanket. In the summer, make good use of your ceiling fans to help cool your home, and close drapes and blinds to block out the hot sun.

Change Light Bulbs

Are you lighting up your home with the latest light bulb technology? Consider replacing older light bulbs with new LED lights. They use less power and last longer. They come in a variety of wattages so that you can choose the right one for each light fixture, and most of these light bulbs look like traditional incandescent bulbs.

Go Smart

Finally, if you want to make your home more energy efficient, then go smart by incorporating smart technology. These days, you can use your cell phone to control your thermostat, lights and even window coverings. You can also install a set of security cameras, including a doorbell camera, and monitor the whole system wherever you are. Going smart can save you money in energy costs, but it can also keep you and your family safer in your home.

Greater energy efficiency is possible for your home. If you consider switching out your energy sources, maintain your current systems and eliminate air leaks around your doors and windows, you’ll be off to a good start. Then add in unplugging your gadgets, setting your thermostat right, changing out your light bulbs and incorporating smart technology, and you’ll be well on your way to an energy efficient home that will save you money and be better for the planet.

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