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Ways to Choose The Best Plumber in Australia


Even though you might be able to handle the occasional plumbing task around the house, such as replacing a washer in a tap, hiring a licensed plumber is recommended and required by law. 

If you need the best plumbers in the Hills District, whether for an unexpected problem or as part of a project you’ve been planning, you can take a few steps to ensure that you hire the “right” person for the job.

In Australia, there are four levels of plumbing work:

Advanced Plumber

  • An advanced plumber is typically the “business owner.” They can perform any plumbing work without supervision or direction and issue a Certificate of Compliance.

Restricted Advanced Plumber

  • Can perform plumbing work without direction or supervision as long as the work is limited to a specific group of plumbing activities. Could provide a Certificate of Compliance for the activities mentioned above.


  • A plumber is typically an employee of a company licensed to perform any plumbing work and works under the supervision of a state-registered advanced plumber. Only the Advanced Plumber can certify the plumbers’ work.

Restricted Plumber 

  • Also known as “the apprentice,” a Restricted Plumber can perform plumbing work as part of a registered training contract but only under the supervision of an Advanced Plumber.
  • Licensed plumbers have the necessary training and experience to complete any plumbing task. They have the essential knowledge and expertise to ensure that the work is completed by the applicable plumbing regulations, codes, and standards.
  • Advanced plumbers can issue work certifications and have completed the additional training required to earn their Certificate IV to run their plumbing businesses.

General Knowledge of Hiring Plumbers

Check if they are insured.

  • Only those plumbers should be considered who can prove that they are insured.
  • No matter how impactful or minimal the job is, a skilled plumber will always take the necessary safety precautions. Despite this, anything can happen at any given time without warning. 
  • Licensed plumbing services are required by law to carry both general liability insurance and tradesperson’s compensation insurance. 
  • If you have a worker’s compensation policy, you’ll be covered for any issues with your plumbing or other home structures. 
  • It is in everyone’s best interest to use a plumbing company that is both certified and insured. Even though it’s not always easy to tell if a plumber is guaranteed, you can always check their website to see if it’s mentioned or ask them.

Knowing Time 

  • Inquire the plumber about the length of time working in the plumbing industry. 
  • Experience should be prioritized whenever hiring a plumber or a company. The better the plumber or the company is, the more experience they should have.

Transparent with Costs

  • As soon as the professional has finished evaluating your plumbing system, they should be able to give you an accurate estimate of how much it will cost to repair the plumbing issue.
  • An experienced plumbing company should be able to give you an estimate right away. Every quote is upfront and detailed, and a breakdown of the prices is available upon request. 
  • There shall be no hidden fees or additional costs. If you need plumbing work, it’s good to shop around and get at least three quotes. Three or more estimates will give you a better idea of how much the result is worth and prevent you from paying too much.

Inquire about the guarantees 

  • You need to make sure that you ask them whether or not you are happy with the work included in the price estimate and whether or not any new required parts were purchased.
  • It is essential to make sure that a payment schedule has been agreed upon and to read all of the terms of the estimate or contract before signing it. 
  • Ask for a Certificate of Compliance (if one is required) and any additional warranty documentation that may be needed when everything is done.

Have a List of References

  • Before contacting any plumbing companies, getting referrals from people you know is good.
  • Do some online research on the plumbers in your area, or reach out to an organization for recommendations. 
  • Make sure you ask for a list of references from other satisfied customers before hiring a professional plumber. Then, follow up on those references after hiring the plumber.

Qualities To Look For

As a consumer, you should also set standards or qualifications before settling down with your chosen plumber. There are a few characteristics you can focus on to distinguish between actual professionals. 


A skilled plumber should be able to provide a range of high quality services and should be able to examine the problem and quickly understand the situation in order to address the problem and prevent the occurrence of any complications. 

Well Grounded

You can depend greatly on a good plumber to finish their job correctly and on time, as these individuals adhere to their schedules and allow little room when it comes to making adjustments. 

You can expect them to respect your time and your property; to come to your doorstep well-prepared. 

Good Communication Skills

Plumbers should be able to pay attention to the concerns and issues their customers have while also providing their own feedback and suggestions clearly and respectfully. 

A good plumber communicates in a simple and straightforward manner that makes things easier for both parties to understand without causing any sort of miscommunication that leaves you overly perplexed. 

Final Words

As hiring plumbers is mandated by the law, you, the consumer, should be well aware of the services plumbing companies provide as well as a general understanding of what qualities they should have along with the information they should notify you before the final selection. 

By doing so, you can rest assured that your home has guaranteed protection against any malfunctions or, if one occurs, be able to prevent any further complications, saving you tons of money. 


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