Ways Tech Can Help You Keep Your Brain Sharp at Home

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Conversations around technology can be pretty polarizing, especially in the times we live in. However, just like any other invention, technology can be a game-changer, and it is in several ways, only if one uses it well.

Several apps are being developed to make different aspects of life more accessible, and there are many games to keep one occupied. But, as they say, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy; this is applicable here as well.

If you have elderly at home who want to keep themselves engaged, why not try these free iPad games for seniors to help them keep their brains sharp at home even when they are not in their prime. You will be surprised to see how effective they are and even fun! Have a look!

1.  Personal Zen

Mental health issues are a big problem affecting millions of people worldwide. When you are getting old, there can be several worries that may ail you. If you are going through a hard time or have someone at home who needs something to be occupied, this game can be a significant boost.

In addition to supporting cognitive abilities, this game also reduces stress and anxiety while keeping one engrossed for hours. It is an absolute must-try!

2. Framed

This is a perfect game for those who love puzzles, and solving this will keep you occupied. You can even make elders at home try this. It will keep them company, exercise their brain cells, and make them happy.

The game essentially wants the players to arrange comic book panels to help its key characters escape from the clutches of villains. Sounds fun, right?

3. Slay the Spire

This is one of the most fun games that you can find on your iPad. It is challenging, keeps you on your toes as you need to take small decisions at every turn. The game is full of variety, and every time you play this, you will feel you are trying your hands at something new.

We are sure your elders will enjoy it to the fullest as well. Must try, we’d say!

4. Ticket to Ride

For the old souls out there who love their board games and can’t live without them, this is a game that will take you down memory lane. The game’s objective is to build sprawling railway lines while overcoming obstacles and following instructions.

It is super fun and can be a great source of stimulating the brain cells while seniors enjoy some home time when you are away or seek company!

The Final Word

Technology can be super effective in engaging people to spend some fun time alone. This is even true in the case of seniors who are at home while their children go out to work. We hope you like the above games and will try them out yourself and introduce them to seniors at home.

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