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Wayne Butler and His Daughter Camdyn have Become Quite The Celebrities On Social Media After Their Hit Viral Series, “Hey Cam”

The popular father-daughter duo, Wayne Butler and Camdyn are enjoying their newfound celebrity status on the internet, thanks to the now-viral “Hey Cam” series that is full of Dad jokes and hilarious interactions. 

Now living in Las Vegas, NV with his family, Wayne Butler is riding high on the social media success that he enjoys along with his daughter, Camdyn, who is a big part of the viral series.

Full of funny dad jokes that people are loving across the platforms, Wayne Butler, whose full name is Kenneth Wayne Butler, is now popularly known among his fans as “The Dad Joke Guy.”

Wayne started his social media journey in 2017, but things started to pick up during the pandemic after he was laid off. 

“Getting laid off at the start of the pandemic actually proved to be positive. While stuck in quarantine, I started posting my dad jokes. I was having fun interactions with my daughter and soon people started relating to it, laughing along the way, sharing those videos with their loved ones.”

The audience started to grow at a rapid pace. Today Wayne is a verified creator on TikTok and across social media platforms. He has over a million followers. 

Born in Würzburg, Germany, and raised in a small town in Texas, Wayne has come a long way with his internet stardom. 

“Being popular on these amazing social media platforms definitely feels good. But what is more important to me is to put a smile on my fans’ faces and spread positivity. No doubt my daughter Camdyn has a huge role in making the “Hey Cam ” series the phenomenon that it is.”

When Wayne is not annoying his daughter with bad jokes, he is usually in the studio working on his podcast Famous-ish or creating new music for his fans. Wayne’s debut single, “I’m a dad” is already streaming on all major platforms. 

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