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Wax canvas backpack for guys who commute by motorcycle

Wax canvas backpack

When it comes to men at work, most of us are in our 30s, and 40s.

The Builford waxed canvas bag I’m showing you today is a great backpack for guys in the workplace, given their age and brand awareness.

Most guys in this age group love brands like Gucci for their menswear, and Builford for their vintage and casual look.

Builford comes from an adventure background (bike bags, bushcraft, hunting, etc.) and the design motifs are really cool.

Working men’s backpacks have a more masculine feel to them.

They prefer a design that matches their casual and semi-formal outfits.

First, we’re going to show you the Builford Classic Backpack, which is a bag that can be worn to and from work while still matching a suit or semi-formal outfit.

The Builford classic backpack is a great backpack for the office worker

The Builford Classic Backpack is one of the more modern styles of the Builford brand, and I use it as a bike bag to commute to work on my motorcycle.

Along with the Builford Explorer Rucksack, it’s one of the most popular bags in the lineup, with a plain, classic design.

It’s also well organized with the storage and features that modern office workers need, such as a laptop compartment.

If you’re looking for a more authentic, classic design, you might be more inclined to go with the Builford Classic Backpack.

Builford Classic Backpack

The Builford Classic Backpack is more of an everyday man’s backpack than a bike bag, but you’ll see a lot of motorcycle bikers using this brand because of its popularity. It has a very classic feel to it, and the design is almost like a signature alongside Builford Explorer rucksack color.

The Bikers Crew Backpack is an authentic biker backpack concept

Builford Bikers Crew Backpack

The Builfords Bikers Crew Backpack is as much a bike bag as its name suggests.

However, this backpack is mostly used by men in their 30s and is most popular as a daily bag.

The top of the bag can be rolled up to form a roll top and then secured with the hooks on the side,

You can also just fold it like you see below and nonchalantly secure the hooks. This is sometimes referred to as a flap backpack.

Generally speaking, the more popular designs for men’s backpacks tend to favor flap backpacks that are folded like this, or roll tops that are rolled up and secured.

When you look at the bag, you’ll notice that it’s not very big, but it’s compact and has a solid body. It’s the kind of bag that you want to look vintage for a decade, both in terms of durability and materials.

First of all, the leather strap at the top has an invisible magnet that keeps it closed automatically. 

This means that even if you’re just messing around, the bag stays closed. 

The shoulder straps are padded and comfortable, so it’s a great backpack for office workers who need to carry a laptop. 

Builford Classic Backpack

I also like to use it as a camera backpack, especially since the zipper on the front of the bag can be opened and closed all the way from the bottom to the top.

This is because it allows you to carry a small pouch-like bag called a camera insert. 

Some of the people who might be interested in this bag are people who are interested in DSLR photography, camping, fishing, biking, and other hobbies.

It’s a great all-around bag that can be used as a daily bag as well as a transitional bag. 

In terms of outfit, I think it would go well with an AMEKAJI look.

Since there is a lot of leather used, it goes well with semi-formal or formal outfits, while the wax canvas has the same texture as canvas, so it goes well with casual wear.

Here’s a video of bikers using it as a bike bag.

This is a video of the Builford Bikers Crew Backpack Bike Bag in action.

If you watch the video, you’ll notice that each of the bikers use the Builford Bikers Crew Backpack in a way that suits their own style, which is very interesting. 

Waxed canvas bags doesn’t require any special care, and if you’ve been using it for a few years and you realize that you’ve lost a little bit of wax and it’s gotten a little bit scorched, you can take it to a rewaxing shop, just like you would a dry cleaner. There are a lot of shops that offer this service because there are a lot of enthusiasts for waxed canvas brands such as Belstaff and Barbour.

Of course, you probably have some form of bag to take to work, but this is a backpack you really want to own.

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