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Wavemax TV Antenna Reviews (My Honest Review): Don’t Buy Till You Read This

Wavemax TV Antenna

The Wavemax TV Antenna is a compact lightweight and portable HD TV that was designed to guarantee everyday enjoyment and connectivity to the shows you enjoy. It was built as an alternative to cable TV and to help you save money that would have ordinarily been spent in paying for cable subscriptions.

What is Wavemax TV Antenna? (Wavemax TV Antenna Reviews)

Wavemax  TV Antenna is an amazing broadcasting device that allows users to watch top broadcast TV channels 100% free. It is a known fact that accessing favorite satellite channels can cost quite a lot, but Wavemax company promises to end those exorbitant bills by delivering pure entertainment, sports, movies, sitcoms and broadcast channels that delight viewers to their homes.

Wavemax claims that most top TV Broadcast channels are broadcast free over the air and viewers can benefit from it without having to pay expensive cable bills. Wavemax TV Antenna does not just provide free access to these broadcast channels, it does so in HD quality for the best viewing experience.

What’s more? This broadcast device is compact, lightweight, easy to use and install. It is specifically designed to get a maximum number of broadcast stations. The device that makes this possible is thin, flat and can be hung up anywhere.

Wavemax TV Antenna comes with fantastic features and does not need expert technical knowledge to operate. This review gives further information on the basics, operations and how to purchase Wavemax.

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Features of Wavemax TV Antenna

Wide range receiver: Receives stations from miles away in all directions. Easy to use app allows the user to locate nearby broadcast towers and position the antenna for reception.

Compact: Simple, one-plug coaxial cable attaches directly to the TV. No endless wires to tangle and trip on.  

Low energy usage: Uses no energy unless it is attached to the low energy consumption amplifier that can be simply plugged into the TV’s coaxial input.

Mobile app compatible: Free App and services let you determine the best antenna position and distance from broadcast towers before you buy as programs and reception depend on the distance and local conditions.

Affordable: While Cable TV costs most Americans over $1,100 per year, you can access FREE broadcast TV with amazing alternate programming using Wavemax Antenna and save some extra cash for other important things.

Benefits of using Wavemax TV Antenna

The gains of using Wavemax Antenna in addition to the amazing features it offers have become the selling point of this TV broadcasting antenna. Here are a few benefits of Wavemax.  

Low cost. The Wavemax costs nothing to operate. Has no moving parts to wear out. Makes you wonder why you ever wanted to pay insane prices for cable service.

Safety. The Wavemax is not connected to anything that carries any live current. You or your kids can’t get any kind of shock. It is safe and effective.

Guaranteed high definition. Wavemax provides users with a premium experience by delivering high-quality visuals on all broadcasting channels.

No monthly bills. As stated earlier, this broadcasting TV antenna company promises to deliver popular broadcast channels at no extra cost to the user. One-time payment for the antenna and the user goes ahead to enjoy a lifetime of premium quality broadcast TV channels.

Plug-and-watch – easy setup. Requires no expert technical knowledge to install and operate. Simply follow the instructions in the manual to set up the antenna.

Compatibility. Wavemax is compatible with all modern TVs. Just attach it to your TV, plug in the power, and start scanning for all the available broadcast channels. It really is that easy.

Variety. Offers a very wide range of broadcast channels. Users have more than enough entertaining channels to choose from. This means non-stop home entertainment. Your favorite sporting events. The best movies, TV, arts, and entertainment. News and documentaries. You get it all in broadcast channels with Wavemax.

Wavemax TV Antenna Reviews

Wavemax TV Antenna Price and where to Buy it

Unlike other broadcasting satellite TV channels that require monthly payments to keep them running. Wavemax TV Antenna and all the numerous broadcast channels it makes available can simply be gotten by making a one-time payment. No extra charges or hidden payments. 

All orders are made from the Wavemax Official Website. From experience, users must order directly from the official online store to benefit from discounts and any other bonuses such as refunds and shipping. Also, those who purchase from the Wavemax online store can be sure of getting the original product to avoid those selling counterfeit.

1 Wavemax  Antenna – $39.95 (Free streaming starter kit)

2 Wavemax  Antenna – $69.90 (couple’s pack)

3 Wavemax  Antenna – $89.85 (Family streaming bundle)

4 Wavemax Antenna – $111.80 (Ultimate cord-cutter pack)

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Refund policy

The company offers a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee for customers who are unsatisfied with the device. The company says, “Our Return Policy lasts 30 days and is effective when you receive your purchase. If more than 30 days have gone by since delivery of your purchase, then we can’t offer you a refund, exchange or price equivalent in store credit.”

For more information;

Call: US & Canada (Toll Free): 855 4424 510

Shipping and Delivery

This usually takes 3-7 days from the date the order was placed. If your country is not in the dropdown list on the checkout page, unfortunately, the company does not ship to that country. It is recommended that you visit the website regularly and check from time to time to see if your country has been added.

Pros And Cons Of Wavemax TV Antenna (Wavemax TV Antenna Reviews)

Pros (Wavemax TV Antenna Review)

  • It is very portable, sleek, and compact.
  • Made with durable materials and long-lasting.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • Convenient to use and set up.
  • Comes with 20+ channels including sitcoms, news, and sports channels.
  • Does not waste time to switch on or load.
  • Cost is effective.
  • Can also be used with any TV/screen that is compatible with it.
  • Works with any modern television set
  • Works with all High Definition content
  • Highest quality video and audio
  • No monthly bills
  • Plug and watch easy setup
  • Discount available(Up to 50% slash)

Cons (Wavemax TV Antenna Review)

It can only be purchased online

Customer reviews about the Wavemax HD TV Antenna:

Here are what customers have to say about the Wavemax  Antenna:

Devin H. – Plano, Texas

“Wavemax  was super easy to set up! I’m no computer or gadget specialist, believe me. When it comes to tech, I’m clueless. But doing the setup for Wavemax was so easy, even for someone as technically hopeless as me. If I could get this thing set up, believe me – anybody could!”

Kimberly S. – Decatur, Illinois

“I hated wasting good money paying for a bunch of cable channels that I never even watched! So I cut my cable TV and switched to Wavemax . Now I can watch the shows I want to watch, without having to pay for a bunch of junk. Wavemax changed the way I watch TV, and it’s saved me a lot of money, too!”

Anthony M. – Miami, Florida

“Certain Major League sports games were not available on TV in my area, so I was stuck with watching them on my tiny phone screen. But now with Wavemax, I can watch the big game now right on my giant TV! Instead of squinting at a tiny phone screen, I now throw viewing parties with all my friends. I wouldn’t go back to cable if you paid me a million bucks!”

Lucas P – San Antonio, TX

“I was afraid to cut off cable TV because I was worried about losing my favorite shows. But once I learned that more than 90 of the top 100 television channels are broadcast free over the air, I made the jump. I’m happier with my TV than ever, and I’m saving BIG bucks by not paying for cable anymore!”

 Montreal, QC

“I wish I had Wavemax years ago! It pulls in all the broadcast channels that I want to watch, and even my picky husband is satisfied with it, too. I can’t believe I was spending all that money on cable to watch my shows when I could have just installed this easy-to-use antenna!”

 Boston, MA

“Killer product. I’m able to watch all of my favorite sports broadcasts, and in full HD, too. It would be ridiculous to keep paying for cable at this point. You’re just throwing your money in the trash. Just one payment to Wavemax and you’ll never have to pay another bill ever again”.

Conclusion on Wavemax TV Antenna Reviews

Most people are beginning to ditch satellite or cable for digital TV antennae such as Wavemax. This is because it is very affordable and provides homes with all the entertainment needed. Wavemax TV antenna manufacturers claim that it lasts a lifetime. Just one time payment to purchase and you go on to enjoy as many channels as possible.

Also, Wavemax  Antenna has better HD quality compared to Cables or satellites. This is because these cable or satellite companies compress the signal, removing data and degrading picture quality to get more channels. With Wavemax TV Antenna you barely have to sacrifice anything, you get the best in picture quality and also a variety of broadcast channels to choose from.

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