Wault Finance: The Rise of a New Era in DeFi


Following the introduction of Bockchain to the world, the more recent growth in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has evolved the crypto space from one of mere potential to one of impending financial revolution. While most traditional financial services were previously monopolized by centralized banks and institutions, they’re now conducted in a decentralized way, permissionless and available to anyone who seeks solutions that are more open, and more intriguingly–more profitable.

Amidst such a thriving scene is an ever developing company, an all-in-one ecosystem connecting the most in-demand DeFi products within one platform–Wault Finance.

Wault Finance

Wault.Finance is a completely open decentralized finance project launched in the first quarter of 2021. The mission of Wault is to make DeFi simple, usable, and profitable. It’s a project that’s committed to its users, making sure its products are user-friendly and effective in generating its user’s yields.

Moreover, the high point of Wault Finance is that its future governance is moving towards decentralization, planning to put the power of decision-making regarding how the platform develops into the hands of its token holders. 

With fully open-sourced code, any developer is also welcome to come forward and join in the platform’s development, and there are a lot of developments brewing. 

Having launched on two blockchains, with a plethora of products and three tokens, Wault has been one of the most active homegrown projects emerging from Binance Smart Chain(BSC) in 2021. Below, we’ll review the three token’s of the Wault ecosystem and what value they provide to users.

The WAULTx Token

WAULTx is the governance token of the overall platform. With a hard cap and a deflationary model, it offers exclusive access to Wault LaunchPad’s presales to token holders who participate in locked staking.

Features of the WAULTx Token

  • Staking of the WAULTx token enables the stakers to get exclusive access all the Wault Launchpad’s presales of incubated projects.
  • WAULTx has a hardcap, a total of only 1,000,000,000 tokens. Out of this limited supply, regular burns are constantly decreasing the amount of tokens available.
  • The buyback and token burn feature creates a continuous buying demand, pushing up price.
  • Farming and staking of the token is rewarded with high APYs from Wault.
  • Once Wault governance is opened, WAULTx will be used to vote on the overall platform’s product developments.

The Wault EXchange (WEX) Token

The Wault EXchange (WEX) token is the fundamental token for Wault’s very popular decentralized exchange–WaultSwap. Offering governance power over WaultSwap on BSC, the token is also the rewards token for WaultSwap liquidity providers. 

Features of the WEX Token

  • About 0.06% of WaultSwap’s .2% transaction fees go towards the buyback and burn of WEX. This represents 100% of the protocol’s revenues from the DEX, which are shared with token holders through this buyback and burn mechanism to create constant deflationary pressure. 
  • WEX holders receive airdrops of tokens any time Wault expands to a new blockchain. This was the case with Wault’s most recent token, WEXpoly. When Wault opened its doors on Polygon, it awarded WEX holders with a 50% boost in WEXpoly tokens.
  • By staking WEX, liquidity providers earn some of the highest APYs available on the platform in the farming pools

The WEXpoly Token

WEXpoly is WaultSwap’s version of WEX that’s exclusively for the Polygon network. The reason for its creation was to give Polygon users governance power over the platform within its own blockchain, rather than fracturing governance across multiple blockchains as other projects have done, only to see limited participation and too many conflicting interests.

However, WEXpoly offers the same benefits to its Polygon holders as WEX does to BSC users. The Polygon network is a level 2 blockchain built on Eth, offering low transaction fees and fast speeds, similar to BSC but with a different user base.

Both WEX and WEXpoly have decreasing emissions at the rate of -2.5% per week, creating a long-term deflationary model. With 100% of WaultSwap’s protocol fees on both networks also being used on buybacks and burns of these tokens, as these DEXes and DeFi grow in trading volume, so will the prices of WEX and WEXpoly.

Wault Finance also has three predominant products: Wault Swap, Wault Locker, and Wault LaunchPad.


WaultSwap is Wault Finance’s decentralized exchange. The product’s main agenda, being an AMM, is to bring further liquidity for Wault Finance. Moreover, WaultSwap has done a phenomenal job of this, attracting as much as $1.5 billion USD in TVL across two chains. Yet, it’s understandable when considering what WaultSwap offers.

The key feature of WaultSwap is its low fees. Sitting at only 0.20%, the swap fees are lower than any other major decentralized exchange on BSC or Polygon, making Wault a go-to favorite amongst users. What’s more is Wault doesn’t earn any profits off these fees, as 100% of them go towards liquidity providers and buyback and burn of WEX tokens.

As a result, WaultSwap has been a huge success, having become the 3rd largest DEX on Binance Smart Chain(BSC) in trading volume. After launching on Polygon, WaultSwap immediately reached 2nd place there on the first day as well, even breezing past giants such as SushiSwap.

This adds up to a remarkable track record for a  decentralized exchange launched very recently.

Wault Locker

Wault Locker is a Decentralized Application (DApp) that allows users to lock liquidity for chosen periods of time, and has also seen its share of success. As the leading solution offering this service on BSC, tens of millions of dollars have been locked in Wault Locker.

Wault LaunchPad

Owing to the hardships faced by many new companies and projects in terms of getting support and traction on BSC, Wault launched one of the first successful LaunchPad’s on BSC. Since then, it has helped many projects raise liquidity and bring 10x+ returns to their investors.

Wault LaunchPad starts its service from the thorough screening of a project, identifying whether the project is legitimate or not, enabling users to have confidence in any presales hosted on Wault LaunchPad. The liquidity raised for projects is also secured and locked in Wault Locker.

Wault also makes sure the projects secure reliable audits, giving peace of mind to any investors that use Wault.

On the Whole

As a segment, DeFi is thriving and developing at outstanding pace, and such grow brings forth immense competition to take advantage of the opportunities provided within the market.

Usually, most platforms in DeFi focus on one particular domain. One reason is that exploring all the possibilities provided by DeFi is not a simple task.

In spite of all this, imagine yourself having just one single platform which contains all the necessary elements, everything you could need, all services and products together from one single entity. Quite amazing right? Yes, that’s what Wault Finance is doing.

Developing quickly, with a focus on security along with a user-friendly interface, Wault has made various DeFi products available in an intuitive way.

Moreover, the team plans to continue developing the platform, expand to multiple chains, and build up more partnerships as it grows. Its prospects are bright.

So in final terms, looking for any DeFi based services? Just visit Wault.Finance and look no further!

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