WaterDrop – A Global Ethereum-Based Decentralized Token Platform

WaterDrop (WDP) is a decentralised token platform built on the Ethereum blockchain network. WDP is the native token of the cryptocurrency decentralized exchange Water which will be launched by 2021. 

WaterDrop token is generally blockchain-based, with the same functionality as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. The main difference between WDP token and other crypto token is that it is created on Ethereum blockchain. But Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash was built on their own blockchain.

Moreover, WDP promises to solve decentralized problems faced by new users. In addition, WDP token has successfully completed its pre-sale launch affording early investors the opportunity to get more tokens for less price. 

WaterDrop Presale 

WDP token presale happened from October 15 to October 21. However, the token supports all ERC-20 wallets, using other wallets could result in futility for the sender. Moreover, WDP token total supply is 3950, from which 1000 WDP is available for ICO presale. 

At the time of the ICO Presale, WDP price is $29 with minimum and maximum investment set at 0.1 ETH, and 10 ETH, respectively. In addition, the price of WDP on the ETH price scale is 1 ETH equals 13 WDP. 

Additionally, 200 WDP are allocated as airdrop, and 1250 WDP tokens are locked to enhance the demand. This will be released 10% each month. The remaining 1500 WDP tokens are for controlling the market and also to provide liquidity.

WDP Listing & Rewards

WaterDrop (WDP) token is listed on cryptocurrency exchange Bitsten. However, the exchange provides an easy to use interface, supports all browsers, and charges a low transaction fee on the platform.

Moreover, WDP is also listed on UNISWAP exchange, a decentralized automated token exchange on Ethereum. WDP also plans to be listed on many popular exchanges like Hotbit, Probit, Bamboorelay, and other cryptocurrency exchanges.

In addition, top 5 WDP token holders are rewarded in celebration of listing on the new exchange. However, 5 WDP tokens have been kept aside in a ratio of 5:1. Holders use tokens /.to stake, buy and sell any digital products ranging from softcopy materials, ebooks, games, web services, and much more.

WaterDrop Future 

WaterDrop plans to list the token in many popular exchanges. It will be listed on the crypto market data sites like Coinmarketcap, and Coingecko before the end of October 2020. However, by the first quarter of 2021, the platform is planning to develop, and test Water Dex.

The WaterDrop team also plans to add some features like a Connect wallet, search WDP on Dex, and Buy with an ATM. It also aims to provide users a great interface and convenience on using the Dex platform.

Furthermore, the growing versatility, acceptability, and popularity of the token can be seen through the token trading or exchanging with popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ETH, Tether, and others.

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