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WaterBoom 360 Reviews: Best Bluetooth Speakers in the US

The music industry now has a new facet thanks to the relatively recent invention of Bluetooth speakers. The Bluetooth speakers that are now available have one significant drawback: they are incapable of working in or near water.

Technology is developing quickly. A brand-new Bluetooth speaker called the WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth Speaker has emerged in the age of speakers. Simply disregard the standard, low-quality Bluetooth speaker that is typically found in homes.

According to the manufacturer’s website, the WaterBoom 360 is a Bluetooth speaker that can withstand water. It is 100% waterproof in addition to enhancing your musical experience. During any trip, people can use it in the shower, pool, or on the beach. Being in the water is enjoyable, particularly in the summer.

The music industry now has a new facet thanks to the relatively recent invention of Bluetooth speakers. The Bluetooth speakers that are now available have one significant drawback: they are incapable of working in or near water. Buy WaterBoom 360 For The Most Discounted Price

What is WaterBoom 360?

This top-tier Bluetooth speaker has capabilities that will give people the best possible musical experience. The speaker has a 100-foot range and offers a 360-degree sound experience. Since the speaker is completely waterproof, it can be used on vacation in the shower, at the pool, or the beach. The company claims that people can use this device for 30 minutes in water up to one meter deep without any damage.

It works with the Google or Siri assistant and has good interoperability with iOS and Android devices. Additionally, it can connect to multiple devices at once. This Bluetooth speaker is competing with top brands thanks to features like these and others. Get A Perfect Holiday Giff For Your Loved Ones Who Loves Music

How does WaterBoom 360 work?

There are numerous justifications for purchasing this item. Both the speaker and the splash can be handled. It also boasts an intriguing, modern design. A hook is placed at the top of each speaker and can be utilized to hang it when traveling. Its layout makes it possible to enjoy high-quality sound in all directions. Even though the side buttons on the speaker can be used to control the music. It also has the unique capability of being connected to several devices. Compared to other products that make it portable, it is relatively small and easily portable.


  • The main function of the device is the 360-degree sound effect.
  • It is easy to remove dust from the device by just rising off because it is dustproof.
  • The battery life of the WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth Speaker is six hours.
  • It has cutting-edge audio equipment. HD sound is a possibility.
  • While music is being played on the speaker, phone calls can be declined or accepted.
  • iOS and Android devices are both compatible with the WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth Speaker.
  • The device can establish connections with multiple devices at once.


Amazing Design

The WaterBoom 360 speaker has a slick, extremely contemporary appearance. The speaker’s attractive looks provide the user with a sense of pride and assurance. The main distinguishing characteristics of this Bluetooth speaker are its rounded or circular form and rubber coating for further protection.

The speaker’s grille is on the front side of the device, which is fairly huge but still relatively portable. A safety hook is located on the top side of the speaker and can be used to hang the speaker if a person is unable to hold it.

Excellent sound quality

The Water Boom 360 Speaker provides exceptional and very smooth audio quality. With its acoustic enhancement characteristics, it even improves the audio quality of the music.

A speaker with a design that lets people hear noises coming from all directions, the WaterBoom 360 equalizes sound output along any radius. This implies that the music will be evenly distributed in all directions.


Water and the majority of electronics frequently have similarities. This may or may not have an impact on the WaterBoom 360. The WaterBoom 360 is a water-resistant speaker from the standpoint of security and durability.

This implies that a person can use the speaker whenever he is near water in general, whether it be in the shower, the pool, or anywhere else. Even when submerged in water for nearly 33 minutes at a time, this speaker keeps blasting music.

Extended-Life Battery

Of course, without a power source, it would have been impossible for speakers or any other electrical device to work. In the instance of the WaterBoom 360, a powerful Lithium-ion battery supplies energy to the speaker.

It just takes 2.5 hours to fully recharge this battery, which has an extended life of up to 6 hours.

FM radio

The WaterBoom 360 also can play FM radio, which is a fantastic feature.


There are unique discounts for large orders. Free shipping is included with this special offer, but the stock must be available. The cost of a WaterBoom 360 is as follows:

  • Customers can buy 1 WaterBOOM at the cost of 360 ($ 49/each).
  • Customers can buy 2 WaterBOOM 360 at the cost of ($ 35/each).
  • Customers can buy 3 WaterBOOM 360, and get 2 Free at the cost of ($ 27/each).
  • Customers can buy 4 WaterBOOM 360 at the cost of ($ 31/each).

On the checkout page, the business also offers a WaterBOOM 360 3 Years Warranty for $9.

Final Verdict:

Although there are numerous speakers on the market, the WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth Speaker stands out due to its special qualities. For example, it can connect to several devices, is waterproof, has the best sound quality, and has a range of 100 feet.

The WaterBoom 360 is the ideal option for people looking for a waterproof Bluetooth speaker so they can enjoy music everywhere with the best sound quality. It offers HD quality clear sound and operates underwater for 30 minutes.

To make calls while using two Bluetooth-enabled devices, it can also be associated with two devices. Order immediately to take advantage of the discount, which is available for a short time, and bring this device home. Visit Official WaterBoom 360 Website Here

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