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Water Hog Mats Vs Traditional Mats -Which One Gets Your Vote?

Water Hog Mats Vs Traditional Mats

Envision this scenario: you have invested your time with heart and soul in crafting an extraordinary business space while giving attention to each and every single detail. Still, amidst the perfection, you notice there is some element that’s still missing- an entryway mat. Yes, it might seem a little or unnecessary thing but believe me, choosing the right mat holds a significant consideration as it is a great shield against moisture and dirt, definitely saving you from future maintenance headaches.

Mats Quest: What Mats Should I Prioritize?

Here comes the real deal. It is difficult to choose which mat exactly suits your needs. You might get convinced to buy entryway mats in low cost thinking to save some cash and expecting those mats to perform like high quality mats. But unfortunately, you get what you pay for. In the matting industry, Water hog mats have proven themselves to be a true game-changer. With their distinctive quality of providing style with functionality, they have undoubtedly outshined the traditional mats in the run. 

Unveiling Water Hog Mats

Water Hog mats, known to be the master of repelling against dirt and debris perform brilliantly in absorbing the moisture and dirt while keeping your space tidy. These mats are specifically crafted with robust polypropylene fiber backing excel in long-lasting performance and ensure optimal durability. With their exceptional quality of absorbing moisture, these mats are a perfect choice for places with damp floors and heavy foot traffic. 

Unveiling Traditional Mats

Dive into the world of traditional mats. Made with diverse variety of materials including cotton, nylon and rubber, these traditional mats are served for one common purpose only that is protecting floors from dirt and moisture. These mats come up with wide selection of thickness and size so one can buy effortlessly according to their requirements. Unlike the water hog mats, these mats offer diverse range of colors and patterns, providing countless creativity opportunities. However, in the end, these mats are an economical choice for everyone by being pocket friendly as compared to water hog mats. 

Water Hog Mats Vs. Traditional Mats- A Battle of Superiority

Get your self ready to witness the mat clash like never before. One side, we have the ultimate and outstanding Water Hog Mats that are proven to be a true game changer. But let’s not underestimate the tried and true traditional mats as they have their own superiorities. Below, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of both mats to help you make a justified and right choice. 

Material-Quality Matters

When talking about mats, material becomes a great deal. While both of these mats have one common purpose of trapping dirt and moisture but water hog mats stand out in the run due to their Bi-level design and molded dam around the edge. Bi-level surface is achieved by molding a raised pattern across the entire mat, ensuring effective scraping of dirt and moisture from shoes. The molded dam further helps in containing the trapped dirt and moisture within the mat’s valleys. In contrast, traditional mats vary in material types such as nylon, rubber and cotton but the water hog mats steal the show with polypropylene blend, a sturdy robust plastic that excels in long-lasting performance and guarantees resistance to stain, crush and mildew. 

Mat Backing-Reinforced Protection

There’s a world of difference between traditional mats and water hog mats when talking about mat backing. The mat backing of traditional mats is usually made up of latex and low-quality plastic due to which the risk of slips and falls doesn’t go away. It results in causing inconvenience. Additionally, their backings breakdown easily, leaving a messy residue on space. Whereas, the water hog mat backings are made up of heavy-duty rubber made from recycled material. With this rubber backing, it provides safety and firm grip on any type of floor giving you a hassle-free experience. 

Performance- PowerHouse Showdown

When talking about performance, water hog mats definitely outperform the traditional mats in water retention as well as floor protection. They have this outstanding capacity of 1.5 gallons water per square yard without the possibility of any leaks. This is due to their built-in edge dam that contains the moisture and prevent them from spilling. Whereas, if we talk about the traditional mats, they quickly become saturated and result in causing the leakage on floor. Moreover, the seepage on floor also increases slipping hazards. Considering this, traditional mats are not a worthy choice if you don’t want to compromise on performance and safety. 

Style- Elevate the Trend

Who said that a workhorse like water hog mats can’t win in the competition of style and trends? If you are looking to buy water hog mats, you can definitely expect a wide range of styles and surface designs in them. Traditional mats just cannot surpass the water hog mats in terms of durability, style and performance. Although, traditional mats also come up with wide variety of colors and patterns but water hog mats can fully be customized as per your needs.  

Cost- The Right Balance

When it comes to cost, both traditional mats and Water Hog mats have their own merits. Traditional mats often have a lower upfront cost, making them an attractive option for those on a tighter budget. On the other hand, Water Hog mats may have a higher initial investment, but they offer exceptional durability and performance. Their superior materials and construction make them ideal for high-traffic areas where heavy dirt and moisture absorption is required.


In conclusion, Ultimately, the choice between traditional mats and Water Hog mats depends on your specific needs and budget. Consider factors such as foot traffic, desired longevity, and the level of protection required. By finding the right balance between cost and performance, you can make an informed decision that suits your business requirements.

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