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Water-Based Sunscreen vs. Traditional Sunscreen: Making the right choice for your skin

There are lots of people who are still confused between Water-based Sunscreen and Traditional sunscreen. Most people think that they’re the same and many of them didn’t even know the basic differences between them. First of all, Water Based sunscreen and Traditional sunscreen are completely different and if a person uses any of the defined types of sunscreen then the possible results also become completely different.

In this discussion, we’re going to discuss a detailed discussion about Water Based Sunscreen and traditional sunscreen and tell you the difference so that every new user can examine the best type of sunscreen accordingly. So, if you’re curious to know about Water-based Sunscreen vs Traditional sunscreen then just stick with us and follow the content below

Understanding Water-Based Sunscreen

Water-Based Sunscreen is a type of sunscreen that forms in a structure of gel-based cream. This type of sunscreen is very beneficial for sun protection and also feels very light when you apply them. Some of the major properties of Water-based Sunscreen are listed below:-

1. UV rays Protection

Gel-based sunscreens are very beneficial for protecting the skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation. This helps to create a shield over your skin that reflects the UV rays and makes your skin healthy. This process helps to prevent the issue of penetration and skin damage.

2. Sensation

When a person applies Water-based Sunscreen over the skin then it feels a cooling and refreshing sensation. At the time when you apply it over your skin, this gives a refreshing effect on the skin. The formulation of Water-based sunscreen is very lightweight and feels very light and suitable during hot and humid weather.

3. Oily or Acne-prone skin

Water-based sunscreens are highly beneficial and recommended for those who have oily skin and acne-prone skin. Lots of people use traditional sunscreen on oily skin and get no results. This is why traditional sunscreen is not an ideal solution for oily skin or acne-prone skin.

4. SPF

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) in Water-based Sunscreen comes under various indicating degrees that help to protect the skin against UV Radiation. Doctors recommend having water-based sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 for adequate protection.

5. Re-application

If you’re using water-based sunscreen over your skin from being protected from UV rays and other skin diseases then you have to make sure to reapply over your skin in frequent duration, especially when you’re in a sweat.

Understanding Traditional Sunscreen

Traditional sunscreen is a basic type of Sunscreen that is also recognized with the name of Cream-based sunscreen. This type of sunscreen is designed to provide complete protection from the sun and offer moisturizing and nourishing effects on the skin.

1. UV Protection

Like Water based sunscreen, cream-based sunscreen is also formulated to protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. This protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays over the skin. When you apply it over your skin then it acts as a shield and either absorbs or reflects the UV rays.

2. Moisturiser

One of the biggest advantages of using traditional sunscreen is that the traditional sunscreen acts as a moisturizer and helps to moisturize your skin. It has a creamy texture that helps to lock the moisture in the skin and helps to keep your skin hydrated. This will enhance the overall appearance of your skin and also helps to prevent dryness or flakiness in your skin.

3. For Dry Skin

If you have oily skin then we never recommend you use traditional sunscreen but in case you have normal skin or dry skin then with the use of traditional sunscreen, you can easily keep your skin hydrated and provide a richer texture.

4. Re-application

When we talk about the re-application of traditional sunscreen like water-based sunscreen you don’t need to apply it in frequent durations but yes, it is recommended that you should apply sunscreen over your skin daily and reapply it when you’re in contact with water.

So, here we have discussed the basic differences between water-based sunscreen and traditional sunscreen where we found that both types of sunscreen have their importance. A person who has normal or dry skin will have to go with Traditional sunscreen but if a person has oily skin then water-based skin will be the best option. When we compare both types of sunscreen on different standards then we know that water-based sunscreen will be a better option for people who are searching for the best sunscreen except if you have dry skin.

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