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Watch ‘Djokovic vs Kyrgios’ (Free) Live Stream – Here’s How

Centre Court is all set and ready for Djokovic vs Kyrgios final match on Sunday.

Novak Djokovic once again set a new record when he reached the record 32nd Major final after beating his home favourite Cameron Norrie during the semifinals at the 2022 Wimbledon Championships.

The 20-time Grand Slam singles champion is currently winning 27 matches at Wimbledon. He will be facing Nick Kyrgios during the Wimbledon final.

This is a shame because these players had a lot of hate for each other not so long ago. Djokovic was always criticized by Kyrgios because he didn’t like him. Djokovic wasn’t so direct in his criticisms, but he was very grateful when Kyrgios was one of the few players who spoke in his favor during the Australian Open fiasco earlier in the year.

Relations have been very cordial since then with Kyrgios explaining it to be a kind of ‘bromance’ and Djokovic a little more. Let’s not get into the gossip, let’s look at how they compare tennis-wise. Djokovic has had a difficult time with Kyrgios in the past. Both matches were played in 2017, and Kyrgios won them in straight sets.

How To Watch Novak Djokovic vs Nick Kyrgios Live Stream Finals Online 2022 Wimbledon

Djokovic vs Kyrgios live stream: How to watch Wimbledon Final for free and online, time, channels

How to stream the Djokovic vs Kyrgios live stream free of charge

If you are lucky enough to be able to watch the Djokovic vs. Kyrgios live stream, you will get a FREE ticket.

This is because the BBC iPlayer (opens in new window) have the rights to all the action and will show every ball, rally, and point of the match.

What if you are not able to watch the Djokovic Vs Kyrgios live stream because your home is in the U.K? Perhaps you are on vacation and don’t want pay TV in another country when you can watch it free at home.

You can still watch it through a VPN. Below, we’ll show how to do it.

How to stream the Djokovic Vs Kyrgios live stream anywhere you have a VPN

Virtual private networks, also known as VPNs, make it appear that you are surfing the internet from your country rather than the one where you live. This means that you can access streaming services you have already paid for from any location on Earth. Or at the very least, anywhere with an internet connection.

A Brit could, for example, watch the Djokovic vs Kyrgios live stream via BBC iPlayer (opens in new window) even though they are not currently in the U.K.

How to stream the Djokovic Vs Kyrgios live stream from the UK

Good news: Brits can watch Djokovic vs Kyrgios live stream on BBC or BBC iPlayer (opens in new window).

It will be broadcast live on BBC One as you would expect, but it can also be found on BBC Red Button and BBC Sport (opens in new window) websites.

Are you on holiday? You can use the BBC iPlayer wherever you are by signing up for ExpressVPN (opens in new window) and other VPN services.

How to stream the Djokovic vs Kyrgios live stream from Canada

Canadians can view the Djokovic-vs. Kyrgios live stream via TSN or RSS (in English). This is part of a cable TV package. They can sign-up for TSN (opens in a new tab) RDS (opens in a new tab) streaming accounts for $7.99 per day or $19.99 / month if they have cut the cord.

Are you not at home right now?” To trick your device into believing you are still in Canada, use ExpressVPN (opens in new window) or any other VPN service.

How to stream the Djokovic vs Kyrgios live streaming in Australia

Australians can watch the Djokovic Vs Kyrgios live streaming on Channel Nine and on its on-demand service 9Now (opens in new window).

9Now is free and available wherever you are. All you need is an Australian postal code. Australians living abroad will be able to access the same action via a VPN like ExpressVPN (opens in new window).

However, 9Now will not have every match. You’ll need a subscription to Stan Sport (opens in new window) to view big matches like the Djokovic vs Kyrgios match live stream.

Stan is available on a variety of devices, including smart TVs, iOS, Android phones, Chromecast and Apple TV. It costs $20 per month ($10 for a regular subscription and $10 for the Sport addon). The 30-day free trial (opens in new window) lets you get a taste of the platform. The Sport add-on has a 7 day FREE trial.

Although you will need to pay more to access HD and 4K streams, or to increase the number devices you can watch, the cost of the Premium Sub with the Sport Add-on is still $29/month.

Stan has live streaming of Wimbledon, Champions League 21/22, Champions League soccer coverage, and an extensive amount of live rugby.

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