Watch Dads Try To Explain The Blockchain To Their Sons For Father’s Day

Although it’s unfortunate to say, sometimes the saying is true: parents just don’t understand.

Just stop and think for a second how your parents would describe what exactly you do. They may resort to saying things like “something with computers” or “they work at a startup,” right? Now, imagine you’re working on a project that’s at the forefront of an industry, like blockchain. However, that’s precisely what the folks over at Fr8 Network did.

To celebrate Father’s Day, Fr8 Network sat their dear old dads down to explain to them what their blockchain-enabled network for the logistic industry does. The results? Check out the video below to find out:

While there were surprises on some answers, it seems as though crypto is still (by far) a young person’s game. However, there was some glimmer of hopes, because even though they may not have known the specifics, they did have an understanding of the general concepts, as well as how it tied into an industry they were already familiar with. And if this is a cursor for anything, it’s that the future for blockchain, as well as Fr8 Network is looking very bright.

About Fr8 Network

Fr8 Network is looking to change the logistics industry forever with their decentralized network. They aim to create a peer-to-peer network for those who drive freight and those who buy it, which could have a pretty significant impact on or goods and services. If successful, Fr8 Network could reduce the prices of goods for all, as the entire process of bidding on gigs will be public on their blockchain.

If you’d like to learn about Fr8 Network, we encourage you to check out their website at the link above, as well as their white paper here. Keep an eye out for their upcoming token sale happening this summer!

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