Warzone 2 vpn – what is it and how does it work

Warzone 2 vpn

 What is a warzone vpn / warzone 2 vpn?

A call of duty warzone vpn and call of duty warzone 2 vpn is a special type of vpn that enables you to get easy warzone lobbies or “warzone 2 bot lobbies” all while keeping your ping super low in game and without changing your ip address.

Why use a warzone vpn / warzone 2 vpn?

There are many reasons why you could and should use a vpn for call of duty games like warzone and warzone 2.

Mainly using a vpn such as “sbmmoff vpn” will enable you to keep your ping low at all times and change your geo location in game so that the game thinks you are from a far away country and then puts you into easier lobbies.

What is the best warzone / warzone 2 vpn?

The best vpn on the market right now is called “sbmmoff warzone 2 vpn”.

– Simple and easy-to-use interface

– Support via email and discord

– One time payment no subscription

– The most servers of any call of duty vpn

How to use a warzone vpn / warzone 2 vpn?

Using the sbmmoff vpn is very easy. All you need to do is purchase the vpn at the sbmmoff vpn website.

The steps to connect and find the best bot lobbies are as follows:

  1. Connect to one of the 43 available countries

  2. Play a few games and then check the average KD (kill death ratio) of the lobby on a website such as
  3. Once you find low KD lobbies have fun owning all of the bots in the lobby!

  4. If you have trouble finding low KD lobbies keep switching vpn servers and then repeating the process, eventually you will find the bot lobbies.

Are vpns allowed in call of duty games?

– Yes they are 100% allowed and it is not against the terms of service in the call of duty franchise.

– Many streamers use the sbmmoff vpn and vpns for content creation and to lower their pings.

– VPN companies sponsor many top call of duty players

What are the disadvantages of using a warzone vpn / warzone 2 vpn?

– There are no disadvantages of using such vpns


Sbmmoff vpn is a must have tool for the everyday call of duty and warzone player, it helps lower your ping keep your internet secure and get into easier lobbies which is great as we all know how bad skill based match making can be in call of duty games!

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