Warrp conceives specialty Web 3 gaming development studio Racer Club Labs to counter current play-to-earn and metaverse ecosystem obstacles

Australian based tech startup Warrp resources its new blockchain gaming studio with a multi-talented pool of industry experts and partners that will work towards a mission to build the first multi-native community gaming ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain.

Warrp has chosen the racing genre to bring Web 3 communities together in a competitive and immersive race format where players get to enjoy a natively captivating experience.

Racer Club Labs will launch the first blockchain based AAA racing game that won’t be utilising its own NFTs or tokens as compared to what is typically seen in standard play-to-earn game offerings. Instead, it will allow existing Web 3 users to bridge their favourite profile picture NFTs and tokens to play in their own ‘clubs’. This is possible through a smart contract bridging technology and a 2D to 3D application framework that Racer Club Labs is developing to offer club creators and players.

The game itself will be called Racer Club but each club creator that creates its own game will take on the name of its NFT community in its game title, i.e. CryptoPunks Racer Club.

Using the example of CryptoPunks Racer Club, a holder of a CryptoPunk NFT will be able to use its existing NFT to play and compete in races with other CryptoPunk NFT holders by using 3D racing character versions of their own individual NFTs. The race track designs, game obstacles and elements will look and feel exactly like the art style of CryptoPunk to ensure the game is fully native to its players.

Warrp CEO and Racer Club Labs Managing Director, Matthew Ng, said that Racer Club will have the nostalgia of Mario Kart with the graphical and gameplay depth compared to some of the best triple A titles such as Forza and FIFA but with the added benefit of it being fully personified to 2,500 existing and lively Web 3 NFT communities of today.

“When we started our research into what was missing with current blockchain games, we looked at what the market wanted first. Then we designed a game that intersects today’s needs with the nature of tomorrow’s gamers coming from mainstream games,” said Mr. Ng.

“We know it is only a matter of time until mainstream games integrate Web 3 functionality and the strongest of games will continue to do well primarily because of their fan base.

“Racer Club won’t be one of those hyped up token reward games that dies off once market hype settles. Instead, what it will be is a well loved game focused at growing loyal participants as it brings the qualities of what Web 3 stands for today and that is community first.”

Each Racer Club formed by the 2,500 Ethereum based NFT communities will utilise its own native ERC-20 token integrated as its in-game currency for marketplace purchases, rewards, staking and even renting.

Roman Granovskyi, CTO of Warrp and Chief of Technology at Racer Club Labs also mentioned that digital currency within games is not new and added that almost every game today has some form of points system.

“In my experience with games and rewards platforms, loyalty and receptiveness to change  plays a huge role in the performance of any points mechanics,” said Mr. Granovskyi.

“The same goes with the currencies of play-to-earn games. A crypto game token that has limited loyalty or fans to support it will underperform overtime.

“This is why we made sure that the digital currency of Racer Club is native to each of the communities that form their own club. Players will be more willing to spend their time and money on it if they are already familiar with it.”

Warrp has been in discussions with various strategic partners and investors and will look to close Racer Club Lab’s seed funding and TGE commitment round of $52 million US dollars as early as the end of September 2022.

Funds will be used by the studio to expand its game engine, development teams, partnerships, community resources and for its token listing and liquidity event. The studio will also raise a further $10 million US dollars from the market for a limited sale of 2,500 Title Series Game Pack NFTs where each NFT will serve as a singular lifetime license for club creators to create a Racer Club and be part of its long term crossover series metaverse which includes lucrative token prizes and claims for its utility and governance token.

Racer Club Labs plans to offer a three month free onboarding period for the first 800 Racer Clubs formed prior to launching its utility and governance token for the Racer Club Asset Creators Marketplace and Racer Club DAO.

Racer Club Labs CFO Vince Naselli, who also manages all financial and partnership dealings for Warrp has commented that this is one of the most important steps for a business to ensure it has a solid foundation that is capable and ready to deliver.

“Everything in the Web 3 space moves quickly and this is why having the available capital and strategic synergies is essential when building a long term project,” said Mr. Naselli.

“Being a builder in the bear market has helped us understand the requirements of being resilient no matter what the market climate is. We are looking forward to showing the world what we have been busy working on.”

To read the Whitepaper of the Racer Club project, visit the website and follow the project on Twitter @RacerClubLabs for updates.

If interested in establishing a partnership with Racer Club Labs, contact for any investment or partnership enquiries.

About Warrp: 

Agile Web 3 tech development and NFT project launchpad company with over 130+ project collaborations – Powering @ToastPunk, @RacerClubLabs & @IrishOracle

Watch Racer Club Metaverse Project Overview with ToastPunk – CEO of Warrp : 

For more information connect with Warrp PR Desk at or call +61403 143 003.

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