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Warrior Nano 1200 Lumens Tactical EDC Flashlight

The famous warrior range from Olight gets a new addition with this little yet strong flashlight. It is one of Olight most compact tactical flashlight, with a dual switch providing users fast access to its operation.

Accessible in two colors a standard black or limited edition Zombie Green.

The Warrior Nano flashlight is packed with helpful specs including a big range of levels, up to 1200 lumens Turbo output with a range of 135 metres. A strobe mode is also here which is supportive for tactical defense. A useful “half turbo” model is also added, and a lock out function stop accidental activation.

Powering the Olight is a custom 18350 rechargeable Li-ion battery (1100mAh), with the added USB MCC. The basic is magnetic, making it idea as a working light, and also added is a helpful L stand where you can save the light when not in use. Run time is up to forty days.

High standard 

Quality aluminum alloy is heat treated with a secure body grip design thanks to the raised bumps. Stainless steel crenulated strike bezel and of course the Warrior Nano is IPX8 rated for water submersion and it’s been drop tested to 1.5 metres.

Quick glance

  • Six power levels and strobe with a top output of 1200 lumens in turbo, range of 135 metres.
  • Ultra compact body design with a 85g weight
  • Full and half turbo modes (1200lm or 600lm)
  • Two tactical modes, momentary or strobe
  • Dual switches (side and tail) for easy operation and UL. Low battery warning
  • Custom 18350 rechargeable and li-ion battery 
  • USB magnetic charging (two hours charge time) with charge LED indicator
  • Runtime up to forty days (moonlight 0.5lm)
  • Magnetic base with supplied metal L plate for storage
  • Durable aluminum alloy body with stainless steel and double clip
  • Magnetic base with supplied metal L plate for storage



Fits comfortably in your pocket

The two-way stainless steel pocket clip permits for deep bezel or bezel up pocket carry.

Ultimate performance

Warrior Nano flashlight, delivers a remarkable output of 1200 lumens and a throw of 135 meters.

Six lighting modes

Features 6 brightness levels (High, Half-Turbo, Turbo, Medium, Moonlight, and low and two tactical modes.

Forty days runtime

With its rechargeable battery, warrior nano delivers a remarkable runtime of forty days in moonlight mode.

Multiple uses

The practical EDC flashlight is perfect for hiking, power outages, home security, outdoor use, and etc.

Dual switch

A side switch is present to pick six different modes for your daily use and a dual tail switch permits quick high output for tactical operation.

Most compact yet powerful

Representing Olight most compact tactical light though (0.9in body diameter and 3.19 in length), it contains a max of 1,200 output and 135m beam throw with a forty day runtime.

2+ 6 light options

The Warrior nano features strobe and regular modes, with 6 brightness levels, including High, Half-turbo, Turbo, low, medium and Moonlight.

Powerful, compact lighting

Olight warrior nano gives strong output in a little package. You will be shocked by what this 3.2 inch long light can do. The warrior nano has a shocking turbo of 1200 lumens and a throw of over 442ft. For close up jobs, you can utilize the 15-lumen moonlight mode. All six brightness levels will provide you a big range of power in a light little than the palm of your hand.

Tactical features

What brings the Warrior nano a step above the rest is the sufficient tactical specs integrated into its compact design. A secondary tail switch provides you the power to use your light in tandem with other tools. Momentary and strobe-on modes permit for speedy action in emergencies.

A powerful strike bezel is built into the flashlight head, providing you the capability to swiftly break glass. Carrying your light in a gear bag or pocket? The Warror nano has lock-out and half-turbo modes to stop accidental activation and keep your light from overheating.

Six power levels two tactical modes

A high performance LED has a range of levels from an ultra low moonlight of 0.5lm, there are five more including 15ml, 60ml, 400ml, and a half turbo of 600 lumens, and the high output of 1200 lumens, and a helpful strobe mode.

A mixed beam Candela (4,697cd) provides a moderate range of 135 metres with a broad spread making it a best choice for a pocket EDC.

There are two tactical modes: A momentary or strobe: To switch between configurations, just grip the tail switch in and press the side switch. As Olight are using twin switch this provides simple and quick control over the torch as well as fast access to strobe, Turbo, Momentary, moonlight and Half Turbo. A lockout stops accidental operation.

Stainless steel double clip is safe and lets you attach the light to a pocket, backpack, and added a lanyard hole too.

Recharge and go

Keeping your Warrior nano charged its easy thanks to the magnetic charging cable. The added 18350 li-ion battery can be re-used again and again, and is easy to change if required.

End words

The Warrior Nano is a rugged, compact, and rechargeable EDC flashlight with a side switch and a tactical rear switch. The mixture of its strong LED and the TIR lens give a tight light beam with lowest stray light. The lamp has a high standard anodized aluminum construction, which not just looks stunning but is also very robust. Additional, its textured housing gives extra grip in all weather situations, and its anodized impact ring saves your lens. The rear switch has 2 positions, depending on how far this switch is pressed.

The switch also serves as a magnetic suspension and point for charging (MCC-1A). Charging is effortless with this magnetic charging cable, which links itself and indicates when the lamp is full. The Warrior nano comes with a self-adhesive mounting bracket, which permits you to create a hanging point on any wanted surface.


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