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Warmool In Uk – Read It before buying Warmool heaters


Heaters are the most trending gadgets this winter and Many people have been looking for the best option. Truly, staying warm is a must, no matter what it will take. What works this time? Someone might be asking this question now.

Yes, there are tons of heaters. Today we have another one for you. It is called Warmool, and currently, it is trending in Uk, selling at lightning speed. It has become a best-seller this winter.

Priced at around $69 for one, the Warmool heater is one of the cheapest space heaters sold today. 

What is Warmool? Pros, cons, price, and where to buy? To learn everything there is to know about the Warmool heater, continue reading.

What is Warmool?

Warmool is a portable heater used indoors. It efficiently converts electricity into heat using ceramic heating technology. 

Like other portable heating units, it is cordless, compact, and lightweight with advanced features. Capable of heating up to 350 Square feet of space, Warmool is one of the most powerful heaters. 

Warmool can be used from room to room, from office to office. It is a good addition to any home this season. It has enough power to keep your entire space warm all winter long.

If you need a space heater, Warmool is for you. It is a perfect addition to any home this winter. Click here to buy it in Uk today, it is still available.

The Warmool is an excellent heater. Truly, it can not compete with the central gas heating system in terms of heating power but it works perfectly well as a personal heater. Sure, it is not okay for people who want to warm their entire space simultaneously.

This heater is very affordable, it is the right value for your money. Many people are extremely happy with it. If you are still looking for a portable and efficient heater, then you need to try it. Thousands have been sold out already and its satisfaction is guaranteed.

The Warmool heater uses less energy. It is a low-energy consumption heater. It saves more energy than most devices. Don’t worry, it will greatly reduce your heating bills this winter.

To use it you just need a socket outlet with no cable to arrange and no mechanical or electrical work. No expert is needed, just read the instructions manual.

How Does Warmool Work?

Just like other heaters, Warmool passed an electric current through resistance material (ceramic plate). Heat is produced as the current flows. As time goes on, the ceramic plate becomes hot and its temperature keeps increasing as the current is flowing.

It is a convective heater and it uses a fan to increase air circulation in the room. As the process continues, the temperature of the surroundings increases over time. That is, the heating element will keep exchanging its heat with the surroundings until it reaches its maximum temperature.

Technical Specifications 

  • Dimensions: LxWxH 9.88 x 7.28 x 7.17 inches.
  • Color: light blue
  • Wattage: 1200W (maximum)
  • Voltage ratings: 220VAC, 60Hz
  • Noise figure: 36 decibels 
  • Heating method: Convection and radiation 

Warmool UK: Features

Antimicrobial filter: Unlike others, Warmool heater features filters that can kill some deadly insects, bacteria, and viruses. This filter also catches dust and deposits so that the heater will be well-ventilated which reduces overheating.

Power button Switch: Warmool uses a manually operated switch through which users turn it on and off at any time. The button looks durable and rugged. It has a power button sign on it for identification.

Tip over Switch: As with any heating system, safety is always the major priority, fire accidents can be fatal and dangerous. With this in mind, the manufacturer put a safety switch under it. This switch will turn it off automatically if it tips over.

Overheat Protection: Warmool is well regulated. Overheating is very dangerous and the effect is not always good. To reduce it, the warmool heater comes with a heat protective switch that will automatically turn it off anytime it detects dangerous temperatures. 

Ceramic exterior: It is encased in a ceramic material which is a very poor conductor of heat. As a result, users don’t need to worry about their bodies getting hotter. It also makes it look beautiful and sturdy. 

Timer: As in other cases, time is also relevant here. Warmool can be set to run from one to twelve hours. This is helpful as it turns it off once the time is reached. Not only that it will save energy, but it also reduces potential fire or overheating.

Short Circuit Protection: As an electrical appliance, a short circuit might result anytime. Warmool will be cut off from the supply immediately. This prevents it from catching fire which might also set your room ablaze.

Sensors: Warmool is a smart heater. It is packed with features. Sensors make things better. Inside it is a thermostat; a heat sensor that measures the amount of heat, and current sensors. 

Compact: look so small. Many wonder how it can handle such heat. This is its best-selling feature. Warmool can be set up anywhere without consuming space, it fits comfortably in your personal space, or your backpack without taking up useful space.

Portable and Lightweight: Designed to move around easily, warmool is best for travelers and people who stay in different locations. It weighs just a few pounds (around 1.2lb). 

Powerful Motor: Normally seen in some heaters, Warmool uses it to cool down the system and also help to dish out heat. It doesn’t make a noise like regular fans.

LED Mood light: Warmool is a stylish heating unit. It heats in style. Not only does it keep the place warm, but it also adds more beauty. Light is very attractive and brings the aesthetic out. Normally, it is seen in high-end heaters.

Display Screen: This screen displays what is happening inside the heater. Its internal temperature, heating time, set time, and set temperature are as well.

Reason Why Warmool Heater Is Recommended

Energy Efficient: It uses quality materials and engineering to effectively convert electric power to heat. It does this without any loss of power. As a result, it takes less energy which means less money. 

Fast and easy setup: Needing just about two minutes, Warmool is the easiest heater. The manufacturer has assembled every part right in the workshop. Just plug and switch it on.

Affordable: Selling at $40, Warmool is the cheapest heater we have seen this winter. Five units are under $200 as of today. We love anything that saves our readers money so we are also recommending it. Price is a factor to consider when buying any device. Don’t just waste money, there are still quality heaters that cost just less.

Quiet Operation: Almost at zero decibels, Warmool barely makes noise, and it is an extremely quiet heater. It won’t wake your kids or disturb your pets. It can be used while reading, watching television, during conference calls, and doing other things that require maximum concentration and peace of mind.

Available At Discounted Prices: Currently, the manufacturer is offering a 60% discount on all orders placed today. With this in mind, we want our readers to act fast and take advantage. 

Free Shipping: All orders are also shipped at no additional cost to you. Most manufacturers add shipping charges to most of their products which makes it harder for some people to acquire. Sincerely speaking, all orders will arrive at your doorstep free of charge unless one of your local authorities charges.

No hassle return: Even when your order arrives, you can still return it and the company will refund all your money within a few days.

Durable: indeed, we don’t know its life span, and we haven’t used it longer but it looks like something stronger. Every portion looks durable. Don’t worry you won’t buy another heater next Winter.


Indoors heating: Warmool is for warming indoor spaces.

Personal heater: unlike central heaters that can warm larger spaces, a warmool heater is for your personal space. It is recommended to use one per person. 


1: Turn off the heating when you leave the house.

2: Never plug in indirectly; always plug straight in

Always turn it off before to cleaning.

4: Leave sufficient room around the heater to allow for adequate airflow

5: Unless you are a certified technician, avoid opening the casing in the event of a problem.

6: Don’t use it while sleeping.

7: Remove any flammable materials around it.

8: Clean it regularly

Prices (Warmool UK Reviews)

One item currently costs just $69.95.

Don’t panic; there are still fantastic discounts available to you today.

Now let’s look at them:

Priced at $104 for two Warmool portable warmers

Priced at $149, three Warmool portable warmers

Just $199 will get you five Warmool portable warmers.

Nevertheless, The seller may elect to sell at the original price with notice even when the aforementioned price is decreased.

To get the best price, always go to the product sales page.


What is its Coverage?

The Warmool heater covers up to 350 Square feet of space.

What is its maximum power rating?

1200 watts

How do I clean it?

Use a soft cloth or towel. Make sure you unplug it before cleaning. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust for proper ventilation.

What happens when it falls?

If it falls off, Warmool stops working automatically but it might damage depending on the surface it hits.

What are users saying about it?

Mike A Verified Purchase Said that It functions as it should; “I was considering several heaters but this one is ideal; it heats the bathroom in a matter of minutes, has a timer for turning it off and cooling to prevent burnout, and everything has gone well; it has been a success”.

Helen Another Verified Purchase Said: 

I switched it on 10 minutes before, in a bathroom of around 5 square meters and it’s perfect. I’m so happy with my purchase.

Paul Another Verified Purchase for Cardiff said: 

I use it to heat my room and it works perfectly. My room is 15 square meters and thanks to Warmool I do not get cold at night.

Is it silent?

It is silent . You can’t even tell it is switched on.

Are there any offers available?

Yes, there’s a 50% launch promotion and free shipping.


Warmool is a quality heater for everyone. Majority of users are happy With it. It is our top-picks and we recommend it to anyone. 

Regarding purchase, we recommend buying from the official website. It is the only place to get the best deal today. 


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