Waptutors Academy is Redefining Skills Acquisition

Waptutors Academy is an online skills acquisition, training, and development center created for all individuals who wish to keep up-to-date with current digital/online developments and modern practices, build successful careers and create wealth on their own terms.

Our objective is to develop industry-ready talent through skilled programs that are closely aligned with the needs of the industry. Our training provides our students with opportunities to demonstrate and prove their capabilities to work on digital/online projects not just for themselves but with industry and business partners.

Waptutors Academy is currently redefining online skills acquisition, we are presently leveraging the latest digital/online thinking and trending skills, our programs are a vital learning experience for individuals looking to boost their careers in the digital age. We are presently setting a new path for online skills acquisition, we choose to move further with the latest trends which will benefit our students. We are committed to developing the talents of our students through programs built on:

  • Nurturing creativity and techniques for digital creative problem-solving
  • Fostering the conditions to support entrepreneurship and the development of entrepreneurial skills in the workforce
  • Promoting ethical business principles
  • Providing leading and trending training in digital/online skills so students are primed for success
  • Mentoring students to succeed and providing them with the latest materials needed for success. 
  • Providing students with complete tutorial packages, including videos to ease the learning 

At Waptutors Academy, we tend to stand out from other digital/online skills academies in Nigeria. Our initiative is with the aim of contributing to the development of young people in this digital age. We equip our trainees with the most sought-after industry digital/online skills and our focal point is on helping them leverage practical experiences to enable them to be their own bosses and make them job-ready at the point of course completion. 

We have redefined online skills acquisition to meet the demand of the Nigerian and African markets. Doing Business in Africa is unique and at Waptutors Academy, you will be trained by industry experts on how to be independent, start, grow and scale your business. 

Waptutors Academy has looked into the academic education system in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, indeed, academic education is great, but presently, it is no longer enough. Today, most graduates with even impressive academic standing do not fit into the corporate world and have limited value to offer. Waptutors Academy is now redefining and balancing the equation between academic education and online skills acquisition. Waptutors Academy is a great place to start if you would love to begin a career in or update your knowledge of online/digital technology.

Redefining online skills acquisition is one of the latest innovations of enhancing the digital/online economy sector to further reposition the country and place it on the path to effective ICT development. With the high rate of unemployment today in Nigeria, online skills and training have become a necessity for the youths. The idea of redefining online skills acquisition would enhance efficiency and ease digital learning. 

Aside from providing top online skill courses, Waptutors Academy also partnered with the best industry experts to get their courses listed and made sure these courses were worth the prices. Waptutors Academy trainers are meticulously chosen based on their knowledge of the subject and their proven track record, as well as on their experience in training and group animation. Waptutors Academy envisages that the quality of its trainers is one of its key success factors. The trainers, all experts in their respective fields, make the link between theory and practice in a way that maximises the return on investment for participants in terms of time and cost.  

Additionally, Waptutors academy also provides various services ranging from a mentorship program from a facilitator, students can also get access to the facilitator via email & Whatsapp contacts, an offline training center with industry standard whiteboard to teach students, this distinguishes us from the rest of other digital/online skills academies. 

Waptutors Academy aims to be much more than an academy, the academy also seeks to transform its expertise into dedicated training projects by providing in-house solutions driven by client needs and by providing industry-focused training sessions. 

Waptutors Academy is focused on being the channel through which individuals acquire the skills and aptitudes they need to build rewarding careers and realize their full potential. The Academy offers various online skills training programs ranging from profitable crypto trading, graphics design, WordPress development, NFT Trading, Youtube SEO, Niche Blogging that are highly in demand, to sessions that go beyond theory and aim to be as practical and business-oriented as possible.

Waptutors Academy doesn’t just teach students these online skills but also teaches them how to build wealth using these skills and to be their own boss.

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