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Want to increase the value of your property? Invest in commercial deck waterproofing


If you are considering a deck for your home, it’s essential to make sure that you are taking the proper precautions to ensure that your investment is safe and worth every penny. One major factor in ensuring your deck stays in good shape is using an appropriate water sealant for the type of wood you have chosen to build with.  If you use pressure-treated lumber, you will want a premium-grade sealant and experts to take care of the deck. The surface should be treated before being walked on or before any rain hits it so that the sealant penetrates appropriately and lasts longer. Here’s why commercial deck waterproofing is essential for your home and office:

  • Safety of Decks

When your wooden deck is made of pressure-treated lumber, it will not absorb water. Instead, the water will come up through the wood, and you can be sure that the wood won’t rot or stain, no matter how much rain or snow falls. This is why it is essential to seal the deck properly before using it, so your property remains safe and dry even in heavy rainstorms.

  • Leakage Prevention

When you seal your deck, you stop leaks from forming in the first place. Water pressure seeps through poorly constructed decks, and leaks can happen before leaks damage anything, and this may require a little work to repair, but at least you won’t have to worry about costly replacements down the road. Get in touch with CAPITAL DECK AND STAIR WATERPROOFING serving Los Angelesto get the best waterproofing for your roof, stairs, or pool decks.

  • The Deck Lasts Longer

In most cases, when you seal your deck, it can last longer. While exterior wood decks need to be seal periodically to ensure they remain in good shape when right, the sealant lasts for years, so you won’t have to refinish your deck often because it already looks great.

  • Protection from Sun Damage

If you want your deck to stay looking new for years and years to come, having a suitable quality sealant is essential in protecting the wood from sun damage (and even insect damage). When using a quality product and an experience team of professionals who know how to do commercial deck waterproofing properly, you will see results worth talking about.

  • Ideal for Swimming Pools

When you are ready to build your deck, it’s essential to consider the condition of your property and what type of wood is best suite for the job. If you have a terrace near a swimming pool or built above one, water leaks can become an issue, which can happen quickly if there isn’t enough waterproofing. A sealant is ideal for these types of decks because it doesn’t cost much to apply and can prevent damage to your patio in the long run.

Commercial deck waterproofing is not only necessary for the wooden decks you have built. It can also help to keep your home and office healthy by preventing expensive damage from leaks and pool effects.


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