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Want to Be a 3D Animator? Best Courses Revealed!

Step into the captivating realm where imagination intertwines with technology – the fascinating world of 3D animation. If your passion is to infuse life into characters and unleash creativity on the screen, a career in 3D animation may be your ideal calling. Exploring the vast array of courses at your disposal can prove to be quite overwhelming. Within this blog post, we aim to explore key courses that can act as pivotal guides on your path to becoming a proficient 3D animator. If you’re on the lookout for exceptional 3D animation courses, Udemy stands out as an excellent destination. Renowned for offering lectures tailored for anyone intrigued by animation or 3D graphics, Udemy is your gateway to mastering this dynamic field.

Why choose Udemy for 3D animation?

Opting for Udemy as your platform for 3D animation education comes with numerous benefits. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the success of any learning avenue hinges on personal preferences, unique learning approaches, and the array of courses available. Within Udemy’s extensive catalog, you’ll discover a diverse range of 3D animation courses, spanning various software tools, methodologies, and proficiency levels. This diversity empowers you to select courses tailored to your particular interests and aspirations.

Top 3D animation courses from Udemy

Through this blog you’ll get an idea about the best 3D animation courses which Udemy is known to offer.

1.Learn SketchUp

Praised for its user-friendly interface and intuitive tools, SketchUp distinguishes itself as the preferred 3D modeling software for architects, designers, and hobbyists. The broad acclaim it enjoys is a result of the software’s commitment to simplicity and user-friendly design. With SketchUp, users can swiftly and efficiently craft 3D models, catering to the needs of both beginners and seasoned professionals. One of the best 3D animation courses available with Udemy is the Master SketchUp course. 

Begin by mastering the fundamentals of drawing tools, progressing swiftly to the exploration of diverse roof types. Throughout this course, you will be guided on organizing your model effectively, encompassing the establishment of a second floor, incorporation of additional openings, utilization of the outliner, and manipulation of layer states within the model. The instructional video will walk you through the intricate process of crafting various elements of a home, such as the ceiling, staircase, doors, windows, fireplace, and kitchen.

2.Learn 3ds Max

Autodesk 3ds Max, frequently referred to simply as 3ds Max, takes its place as a leading professional 3D computer graphics program, celebrated for its prowess in crafting elaborate 3D models, animations, and virtual environments. Developed by Autodesk, a distinguished software company acknowledged for its impactful contributions to design, engineering, and entertainment, this sophisticated software stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence. Try the course 3ds Max + V-Ray from Udemy!

Acquiring the proficiency to seamlessly operate both of these programs proves to be a valuable skill. The individual in question personally undertook the endeavor of self-learning these applications many years ago and has since translated that expertise into a lucrative career. For this person, 3D isn’t merely a hobby but a means of providing for their family. Aspiring individuals, too, can embark on a 3D career, and all the essential tools to commence this journey are encapsulated within this course. Guiding through the fundamentals of 3ds Max and V-Ray from the very beginning, the course promises that participants will be well on their way to producing their own compelling visuals, thereby enriching their portfolios with refined work.

3.Adobe after effects

Adobe After Effects is renowned for its powerful motion graphics and visual effects capabilities. After Effects is a leading software for creating sophisticated motion graphics and animations. Enabling precise animation of text, shapes, and images, After Effects emerges as an essential tool for designers, animators, and video editors. Its adaptability has solidified its role as a cornerstone in the film and television sector, extensively utilized for crafting compelling visual effects. If you’re eager to acquire this skill, consider exploring the Udemy course titled “Adobe After Effects: Flat Animation Buildup” to enhance your proficiency in this dynamic tool!

Absolutely eager to master the art of crafting dynamic, trendy, and visually striking motion graphics using After Effects? Search no more! Warm greetings as you step into the third installment of my 3-part series, “Exploring After Effects.” If you haven’t explored parts 1 and 2 yet, it is strongly encouraged for you to do so for a thorough and rewarding learning journey. The series is thoughtfully designed to facilitate a smooth and accessible journey into mastering After Effects. The emphasis here is on hands-on learning. In the entirety of the Dive Into After Effects series, you won’t be a passive observer of information. Instead, you’ll actively immerse yourself in your own project, applying newfound knowledge in real-time.


For those aspiring to master the intricacies of 3D animation, Udemy stands out as the optimal destination. There are many courses apart from the aforementioned ones that are good too. Explore Udemy’s 3D animation courses to know what best suits you! Don’t forget to read about 3D modelling, Powerpoint animation, solidworks, and much more. The field of 3D animation is huge and therefore, the opportunities for the same are numerous too. Visit Udemy to learn more!

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