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Wallpaper Vs. Paint, What Should You Choose?

When it comes to renovating your house, the most time-consuming aspect is deciding what colours your walls should be. Should room colour be plain and simple, or should there be a design that makes a statement? It is time-consuming because there are so many choices, and the budget aspect is also a deciding factor. This is especially true for a city like Lahore, where temperatures swing to extreme degrees.

As the best architect, interior and house construction services provider in Lahore, this blog is free advice to our readers to make the whole process simple and easy to understand and give you a perspective on what will be the best choice for your creative goals. We will discuss here the three reasons why you should choose either the paint or wallpaper.

Benefits of Wall Paint

Paints are the oldest and the most used home renovation chemicals or essential items for many. It comes in many colours of various varieties and is suitable for almost all weather and conditions. Here are the three reasons why wall paint is people’s first choice.

Paint is Easy to Use

Paint is one of the most unique and fungible things you can use. They are easy to apply and change as well because they don’t need sophisticated equipment and knowledge. All you need is a brush or paint roller, and you are all set to make your room look attractive. You can even mix and match multiple colours to make a different paint colour that goes with your style.

Paint is Versatile.

Paints come in many colours, which means they can be used in different settings. Whether you want to add a dab of colour to your living room or in the children ‘s room, or you want to give an all-weather paint to your house exterior, you will get one that is suitable for your needs. This, along with the easy application, makes it one of the best choices for your house or room.

Paints are Cost Effective

Paints are cheaper to get and easy to apply, making them the best option for your walls. Many companies offer their paint varieties with the best combination to choose from. This is one of the reasons why many homeowners insist on using paints instead of wallpapers.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Wallpaper

As with the paints, there are some very attractive benefits of choosing wallpaper for your home renovation and makeover. Of the many reasons, the longevity, design liberty, and so many options to choose from with multiple colours.

Wallpapers are Durable.

Unlike paints, which only last for about 5 years or so, wallpapers are much more durable. Ask any professional, and they will vote yes to this fact. The durability of wallpaper is what makes them more cost-effective in the long term than paint. A wallpaper may be expensive at the start, but the period for which it remains intact is better than paint.

Wallpapers have an Unlimited Combination.

Wallpapers, unlike paints, are not mono colours but come in many variations. You can find unlimited types, colours, and pattern wallpapers, each with its distinct personality. Some companies are also offering custom-made patterns, so you don’t have to choose from what all others are using. This creative liberty is what is more attractive to many.

Wallpapers are Ideal for Moist Places

Wallpapers are best suited for rooms and spaces where you are worried the moisture in cement will ruin the paint. This includes spaces like kitchens and bathrooms where water is continually running or present. The wallpapers prevent the walls from peeling off, giving a cleaner look.


If you are planning on building a new home or giving new decor to your house in Lahore, hire hadesignstudio, the best architect in Lahore. We are also one of the few professional renovation experts with our in-house paint and wallpaper installation team, giving your home a premium finish.

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