Walbi: Scaling Efficient Crypto Trading Through AI-Driven Approach 

The emergence of popular generative AI solutions has fueled a boom in artificial intelligence and machine learning models across numerous industries. The AI crypto trading market is expected to grow at an over 23% CAGR by 2023, while blockchain AI-related industries are projected to reach $973.6 million at a 23.6% CAGR by 2027.

In the $1.16 trillion cryptocurrency market, innovative startups have been finding ways to apply the technology to improve the user experience. For one, the next-gen hybrid CEX (HEX) platform Walbi has been leveraging AI to optimize liquidity management, protect users from malicious activities, and assist traders with personalized trading advice.

Walbi: The AI-Powered HEX platform

Walbi is a one-stop AI-powered platform offering numerous digital asset services, such as a cryptocurrency exchange, a powerful artificial intelligence-based trading assistant, and a non-custodial Web3 wallet connection. Walbi’s AI trading assistant gathers and analyzes data from various sources to help traders make informed and confident decisions. In early July 2023, the platform launched its beta testing phase, letting users test the crypto exchange with up to 500x leverage. It is currently developing the next beta integrating AI at full tilt.

Walbi’s AI analyzes user behavior, trading patterns, and risk awareness. Walbi aims to enhance trading efficiency and liquidity management for an optimized trading experience and maintain ecosystem integrity through AI-powered fraud detection.  

Key Walbi Highlights

  • AI-powered crypto ecosystem featuring multiple flagship products
  • Enhanced decision-making powered by comprehensive AI financial analysis
  • Personalized trading advice for traders via an AI trading assistant
  • Non-custodial Web3 wallets provide complete control over user funds
  • Crypto exchange offering traders up to 500x leverage

An Overview of Walbi’s Features

From AI-trading assistants and social bots to a non-custodial Web3 wallet solution and hybrid CEX, Walbi showcases its streamlined, AI-powered approach to managing digital finance.

Walbi Lighthouse

Walbi Lighthouse is Walbi’s AI-powered trading assistant. It leverages a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze financial information in real-time, detect patterns, and predict the movement of digital assets.

Lighthouse gathers data from sources such as the latest crypto news, market expert tweets, the price fluctuation of cryptocurrencies, and technical indicators. The AI trading assistant uses natural language processing to interpret this information, saving time for traders by doing the heavy lifting while allowing them to trade with accurate analysis. Lighthouse also tailors advice to individual investment goals and risk appetite.

Walbi Spotlight

Walbi Spotlight is a non-custodial Web3 wallet solution that hands users complete control over their assets and balances. It highlights exit points, monitors trades, and records staking activity. Walbi’s AI analyzes closing positions and provides a trader with personalized advice to enhance a trading experience. 

Social Bots

Walbi is developing sophisticated AI trading bots on Telegram and Discord for executing semi-automated (1-click approval) trades based on market data and client preferences.

Walbi Exchange

The project’s core solution is the Walbi Exchange, which allows users to trade multiple cryptocurrencies at up to 500x leverage without a mandatory KYC through HEX. The project utilizes AI to manage liquidity, optimize its order book, and detect malicious activity like wash trading and spoofing.

Walbi Community Rewards Program

Walbi’s Community Rewards Program allows users to earn valuable crypto and NFT rewards by joining the platform’s beta test and completing various tasks. 

User Security and Privacy

Unlike popular centralized exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, or Gemini, Walbi is a hybrid crypto ecosystem. They prioritize community safety and give users complete control over their funds.

Walbi creates a safe and secure environment for crypto clients without compromising user experience or platform functionality.

Who Are Walbi’s Competitors?

Walbi’s main competitors include dYdX and GMX. Both providers offer decentralized perpetual trading but lack native AI and machine learning. Walbi’s ecosystem is powered by artificial intelligence to save traders time, reduce risks, improve performance, and provide personalized advice based on real-time financial data analysis.

The Verdict

Walbi’s AI-powered crypto ecosystem empowers traders to make faster and more informed decisions without manually collecting and analyzing data. The project leverages AI and HEX structure to ensure the security of its users and enhance its platform’s operational processes: currently a rare function in the industry. 

With the assistance of the project’s artificial intelligence models, users can reduce the risks of human error, optimize their trends and execute their strategies more efficiently.

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