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Waifu Harem Club NFTs – The First Interactive Anime NFT Collection in the Metaverse

The Waifu Harem Club (WHC) will be releasing 10,000 unique Genesis Ahegao Waifu NFTs with interactive and investment utility. This drop will be particularly unique, as it will be the first-ever immersive HTML-based NFTs created for anime. 

It also has a fantasy world and staking opportunities for holders to stake their NFTs to profit and enjoy the thrill of the Animetaverse. 

The Waifu Harem NFTs have multiple interactive features allowing users to play with the Waifus with a mouse cursor, squish them, and customise with voice lines from professional voice actors. New extra features will be added for holders soon.

Each Waifu Harem Club NFT has unique backgrounds, different bases and distinctive features inspired by popular Anime waifus and themes – ensuring that each is special enough for each holder but also recognizable from the Animes we know and love. Not only does Your Waifu emanate class and status, it also grants you membership access to the Waifu Harem Club membership and the Animetaverse – ETHsekai.

Amongst the created NFTs is a selection of highly desirable rarities such as a unique one-of-a-kind background that is specific to that Waifu alone. In addition, Waifus Harem NFTs are divided into six tiers, each representing the rarity of the Waifu artwork. These include Common (C), Uncommon (UC), Rare (R), Super Rare (SR), Super Super Rare (SSR), and Ultra Rare (UR). The UR rarity Waifus even has the special feature to unlock fully naked version of your Waifu

Lastly, holders will also stake their Waifus at the adventure board for the NFTs to complete quests and win mining rewards. 

Waifu Harem Club exists in ETHsekai

Aside from the minting, the WHC roadmap shows they are prudent in planning for the future. Their roadmap features many exclusive benefits to holders, plus the development of a new fantasy world called ETHsekai to enhance the metaverse experience for community members. 

Proceeds from NFT sales will go towards the development of the ETHsekai metaverse as well as granting utility to the Waifus. One of which being to invest part of the revenue in crypto mining to hedge against the risk of volatility in the cryptocurrency market. This should provide some stability and upside in the future for all club members. 

All WHC NFTs holders will gain automatic access to ETHsekai, where members gather to experience the world of anime NFTs in a fun, friendly, and interactive way. Your membership also qualifies you for tons of benefits including automatic access to exclusive mints and airdrops, discounts and bonuses, and so much more. 

Join the WHC pre-sale

The sale of the WHC NFTs will take place in two stages. First, there is a pre-sale which will take place soon, followed by the public sale. Users will buy their NFTs directly on their website by minting. The Waifu Harem Club is the first NFT to offer dynamic pricing, meaning the NFTs are available at a guaranteed lowest price of 0. 04ETH.This will progressively increase to maximum of 0.1ETH as more Waifus are minted.

About Waifu Harem Club

Waifu Harem Club is a private collection composed of 10,000 interactive anime NFTs characterized by pretty outfits and poses.  The team comprises experienced professionals with diverse but complementary backgrounds.

To know more about the project and its Metaverse development, join their Discord. 



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