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Wage Garnishment lawyer

Garnishment lawyer

We all know the struggle of owing a debt. Even before considering owing a debt, we are already aware of its associated circumstances if we fail to initiate a payment on time. Wage garnishment lawyers help us settle our debt issues, reduce the possibility of getting wage garnishment, and resolve any debt payment lawsuit. Suppose you receive a notification that someone has filed a wage garnishment against you. In that case, it means your creditors have taken a court order for your employer to withhold a certain amount of your paycheck and send it directly to the person to whom you owe a debt. This process will continue until your debt is fully paid.

Wage garnishment lawyers are responsible for assisting you throughout the process of resolving the debt payment lawsuit filed against you. Their job is to give you options you can take to resolve such problems. You may want to negotiate with your creditors or file a bankruptcy petition. 

Debts that could be repaid through the process of wage garnishment include child support, back taxes, student loans, personal loans, or any judgments from the court.

Lawyers also make you understand your rights as an employee; if you are facing wage garnishments, be informed that you are also protected by policies that may be imposed in some places which protect debtors from debt collection harassment. Creditors can only take not more than twenty-five percent of the debtor’s disposable income each week. Employers are also not allowed to fire employees only for wage garnishment. These acts are punishable by the law. 

What are garnishment lawyers?

Garnishment lawyers may differ from different law firms; there may be a tax lawyer, loan lawyer, or bankruptcy lawyer. Those lawyers would be experienced enough to assist you in resolving wage garnishment.

Bankruptcy lawyers are usually the type of lawyers who can help you face wage garnishment. They will give you other options aside from filing a bankruptcy petition. However, suppose their clients have chosen to file a bankruptcy petition in order to eliminate wage garnishments filed by their creditors. In that case, they will then carefully explain the entire process of filing bankruptcy, which is complex and would take time.

How does one become a wage garnishment lawyer?

Since it was stated above that most lawyers who can help individuals who face wage garnishments are bankruptcy lawyers, tax lawyers, or loan lawyers, and if you are planning to become one of these professions in order to help people in despair because of their debt problems, let us then explore how to become one:

Bankruptcy lawyers

If you want to pursue the career of being a bankruptcy lawyer, you must pursue a Juris Doctor, in which you will need to take up courses related to bankruptcy. Then you will need to pass a state bar’s exam to obtain a practicing license. Bankruptcy lawyers are responsible for assisting their clients during court proceedings to eliminate or reduce debt that might potentially lead to debt payment lawsuits or to go forward with filing a bankruptcy petition. 

Some of their tasks include providing counsel to their clients, discussing if bankruptcy protection is the appropriate course of action or whether to consider the other options, and helping their clients gather paperwork that mainly focuses on their income, assets, debt, and expenses. These types of documents are filed in court. Where a judge would decide whether or not to discharge the debts.

Tax lawyers

Tax lawyers are expect to have master their skills in accounting and math, communication, critical thinking and analysis, and research. These skills are essential for them to think like lawyers. They will help them synthesize complicated laws and properly express themselves effectively, either orally or in writing.

Tax lawyers generally help their clients navigate tax laws so they can make the right business and personal financial choices or decisions. They must also possess comprehensive knowledge of the federal tax code and other tax laws. It is also essential for them to have a clear grasp of business and financial strategies. With these skills combined, they will be able to assist their clients regarding important tax matters successfully.

Loan lawyers

Loan lawyers or banking and finance lawyers would either represent the debtor or the creditor or lender. He would give legal advice and work on a variety of finance-related cases. In general terms, finance lawyers mainly handle any type of financial issue. This may include debt problems, investment issues, wage garnishments, and more.

In order to become a loan lawyer, it requires years of education, licensure, and experience in the financial industry. In terms of education, one has to acquire a bachelor’s degree and a Juris Doctor degree from a law school. Like the previously discussed types of lawyers, loan lawyers must possess certain personal and professional qualities. This may include expertise in resolving and comprehending legal issues, as well as analytical and problem-solving abilities, interpersonal skills, advanced research abilities, and written and verbal communication abilities.

The information discussed above on the types of lawyers who can help people struggling with wage garnishments definitely infers that being a bankruptcy lawyer is complex and tough. However, being a professional in this field gives you the power and knowledge to help people who are struggling because of their debts.

Furthermore, upon looking at the common reviews for high rating law firms and attorneys in this field, the following qualities cater a great impression on their clients:

  • Honest
  • Patient
  • Understanding
  • Considerate
  • Professional
  • Interpersonal
  • Compassionate
  • Humorous
  • Respectful

It is essential for every lawyer to have these qualities in order to establish a harmonious relationship with their clients, boosting the foundation of trust that can lead to a successful outcome of the case they are fighting for. This could also generate good impressions, which will lead to more opportunities for the law firm the lawyers are working for.

The Best Law Firm in the US

Coast One Tax Group

This firm is one of the best law firms in the US that provides legal services in terms of any tax problems such as Driver’s License Suspension, Federal Or State Tax Lien, Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR), IRS Bank Levy, IRS Wage Garnishment, Retirement Plan Seizure, Revenue Officer Assignment, Revocation of Passport, Social Security Levy, State Bank Levy, and State Wage Garnishment. They primarily offer tax relief services to individual taxpayers, corporations or associations, and even small businesses. The high ratings of the firm infer that they are an excellent high rating and credible law firm that indeed provides high quality and reliable legal services. 

In terms of wage garnishments, their law firm provides assistance to taxpayers who are facing hardship in reducing the amount of a state wage garnishment. The firm has highly skilled and practiced accountants, attorneys, as well as enrolled agents who can provide assistance in navigating individuals through the process of resolving state wage garnishment

If you are facing state wage garnishment, you can contact them. And their team will provide you with several options you can choose to resolve your state wage garnishment. They will either help you with the process of filing bankruptcy or consider. The other option of negotiating a different payment settlement with your creditors. The firm aims to resolve a state wage garnishment of taxpayers as swiftly as possible.


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