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A New Social Media Platform Built for The Creator Economy​

With experts estimating that the size of the creator economy has surpassed the $100 billion mark, it is not surprising to see new companies cropping up to cash in and old companies pivoting to stake their claim.

What is sorely needed in the creator economy landscape are companies focused on creators, rather than on the cash that can be made from creators. TipSnaps shines in that category as a company where creators come first.

Co-founded by Lyonel Dougé in 2017, TipSnaps is a creator monetization platform that introduces creators to a host of new design elements focused on giving them more visibility and a keener sense of what viewers — known as “tippers” — want to see.

‘Tip Pools’ lets fans initiate and fund content requests

The standard paradigm in the world of creator monetization puts all of the risk on the creator. They invest in, develop, and launch new content with the hope that fans will respond. TipSnaps is flipping that paradigm with a unique concept known as “Tip Pools” that allows fans to request exactly what they want from creators.

TipSnaps calls Tip Pools “crowdfunding for content requests.” Fans rally and request what they want to see, committing to pay a certain amount when the content is delivered. Content developed in this way is often fueled by trending topics and is uniquely poised to go viral, both wins for creators.

Tip Pools already created on the TipSnaps include a call for Ray Allen and Steph Curry to compete in a three point shootout and a call for Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene to go toe to toe debating the “Green New Deal,” with proceeds from each competition going to the charities chosen by the participants.

Category verticals allow creators to find a home within a home

As the number of creators on any platform grows, the chances of being discovered become slimmer. Experts estimate that there are more than 50 million content creators competing for followers and fans. TipSnaps, which already has attracted 425,000 registered users and 8 million unique visitors, addresses this issue by providing niche or category verticals.

Creators who find a home on TipSnaps can have an easier time finding the right fans by defining themselves within the right vertical. Examples of TipSnaps niche verticals include “Hair & Beauty,” “Fitness,” and “Culinary.” 

TipSnaps is opening doors for Creators of Color

Perhaps TipSnaps most notable feature is the priority that it places on promoting creators of color. TipSnaps founder Lyonel Dougé, who is the son of Haitian immigrants, is uniquely poised to understand the challenges faced by Black and Brown entrepreneurs. Dougé and co-founder Dr. Vic Boddie share a commitment to making TipSnaps a platform that brings equity to underserved creators.

TipSnaps, which holds the distinction of being the first Black-owned creator platform, has already shown itself to be committed to promoting creators of color through manually highlighting them within the platform and by using its social media influence to encourage and promote Black and Brown creators. Plans for the remainder of 2021 include growing and promoting niche verticals that focus on Black hair and beauty experts, Black comedians, and Black fitness creators.

Creators keep more of their earnings with TipSnaps

In a strong play to attract creators away from other monetization platforms, TipSnaps keeps only 10% of creators’ earnings. OnlyFans, which is perhaps the most well-known platform with which TipSnaps is competing, keeps 20%. YouTube keeps 45%.

Since launching in 2017, TipSnaps has attracted more than 50,000 creators and generated more than $2 million in gross marketplace sales. Having closed a round of pre-seed funding in January 2021, it is moving forward with its mission to perfect a platform that will allow social media monetization to evolve while bringing equity to the creator economy. Those who want to join the creator revolution can find out more at

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