VoxoDeus 3D NFT Project To ‘Wow’ Collectors with 250 ETH Giveaway

VoxoDeus is about to take the entire NFT space by storm with the first-ever large-scale 3D interactive NFT collectibles in the world. After recently minting out, the project is now preparing to  launch its “Omega Key Game” where players will stand a chance to claim rewards worth a total of 250 ETH. 

VoxoDeus is also the first NFT project to enter into an official partnership with The Sandbox. When The Sandbox launches its full multiplayer metaverse experience, the VoxoDeus characters will be available as playable avatars. 

Overview of VoxoDeus

VoxoDeus is a pioneer in the 3D collectible NFT frontier, especially with the strategic partnerships and innovative features such as interactivity and an embedded music player. The partnership with The Sandbox will enable players to convert Voxos NFTs into playable avatars within the Sandbox metaverse. 

For the VoxoDeus team, the essence of the project is to present holders the opportunity to get the best value while at the same time building something spectacular and long-lasting in the NFT space. The project is arguably the future of the NFT space, especially with the novel features and strategic partnerships with the right projects in the industry.  

The 6,312 unique Voxo 3D NFT collectibles are designed in different species, factions, rarity levels, and traits. With the use of a custom 3D interactive viewer, the creators were able to design an asset that you can view from any angle without losing any of the amazing features. 

The 250 ETH Omega Key Game

The 250 ETH “Omega Key Game” is a strategic Voxo-trading game aimed to serve as an avenue for players to stand a chance to win 250 ETH rewards in the giveaway. The game will go live on February 22, 2022. The giveaway is divided into four different tiers, including Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, with each tier having varying prizes. For instance, the Bronze tier has 16 ETH for players while the Silver tier reward is 33 ETH. 

The Gold tier contains 66 ETH, and there is 135 ETH worth of reward for the Diamond level. Players will need 3 Omega Keys, 4 Omega Keys, 6 Omega Keys, and 8 Omega Keys to access the rewards for Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond levels, respectively.

Before you can be declared a winner, you need to be the first player to register the acquired Omega Keys, and you will need to do that on the VoxoDeus website. Once all the successful players have received their reward, the Omega Key Game will come to an end.

A Narrative-driven NFT

World-building and a slow-reveal storyline seem to be at the heart of the VoxoDeus project, with their initial NFT collection positioned as the first chapter in a multi-collection journey through their ‘Cypherverse’. An upcoming partnership with Myth Division, the comic book studio that created the BAYC comic, will pick up the narrative threads left by the 250 ETH game and push the VoxoDeus ‘living lore’ forward.

The foundation of this ‘living lore’ experience is the VoxoDeus Loredex. Part-wiki, part encyclopaedia, it also provides a place for members of the community to read about the VoxoDeus Cypherverse and even create their own ‘myths’ and help to shape it.


The introduction of VoxoDeus 3D NFT goes to show that the market is still in its early stage, and the future potential hasn’t been completely figured out. It is a pointer to the things that are possible in the NFT space and what an innovative team can achieve with the right mission. To get more information, click on their official webpage to learn more about them.

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