Voting on the Blockchain: Interview with Daniel Abela, the CEO of  ClearPoll.

ClearPoll allows free and equal voting on the blockchain. Earn cryptocurrency rewards for creating polls or voting on sponsored polls. Follow your friends voting activity, and share yours if you choose.

1) Please tell us your name and about yourself?
Daniel Abela – CoFounder of ClearPoll. I’m an experienced designer and creator, based in Perth, Australia.

2) What is ClearPoll?
ClearPoll is a social public opinion poll network, using blockchain technology to secure votes and poll results. We give our users cryptocurrency rewards for creating great polls, and we provide easy access to polls on any topic you can imagine.

3) What is the technology behind ClearPoll?
We have built our own custom blockchain, specific to our unique requirements. Every vote is secured on the blockchain, which is fast and affordable to use. Our blockchain can comfortably support over 8,000 votes per second.

4) What are the Major Services you provide at ClearPoll?
Users can create their own polls easily with the ClearPoll app. Each vote their receive can earn them cryptocurrency rewards. We also host featured polls on important topics. For example, later in October we are hosting a poll on Scottish Independence, which is attracting a lot of attention. ClearPoll is a platform that allows anyone to vote on any topic they care about, and know their vote is secure, where it cannot be manipulated or censored.

5) Are there other Blockchain Voting projects in the market, What is the market size of Voting on Blockchain and what makes ClearPoll unique?
There are various other blockchain voting projects – however they mostly focus on official votes or elections. ClearPoll focuses on public opinion recording and sharing. We’re also the only blockchain voting project rewarding the users for creating good content. We’re the only one with a social, mainstream appeal, meaning our users are installing by choice, not because they have to.

6) Do you have any major partnerships or investors you will like us to know about?
We are working on various partnerships, and it’s only a matter of time before we can make the news public. We’re attracting interest from a lot of different place, due to the flexibility of the ClearPoll platform and the potential to integrate.

7) On what stage of development is the ClearPoll platform and what is next on your roadmap?
We successfully released the ClearPoll app on August 31, and also ClearPoll Desktop, the platform that allows users to vote from their browser. We are building a nice user base already, with over 5,000 installs over the first 4 weeks, and growing fast.

8) Could you tell us about your team and customer support?
Our team have a strong design and development background. We’re very productive, efficient and we build great products. Our focus has never been on “hype” and always been on the product. Having said that, now that we have launched the app, we are shifting more emphasis to the marketing side. Recently, John McAfee announced he will be using ClearPoll during his upcoming Presidential campaign, and we are about to launch a promotion integrating John and his team into our platform, which will gain a lot of interest.

9) How Safe is ClearPoll, would you like to talk about your legal and security measures?
The votes and poll results are as safe as can possibly be – given that they are secured on our blockchain. We do not collect a lot of personal data, only a username, birth year, gender and rough location. We comply with GDPR guidelines, as we allow users to delete their profile and be forgotten. Their votes will still remain, without a profile attached. We have taken steps to ensure ClearPoll is as secure as possible.

10) Do you have more information for our readers?
More information can be found on, and you should check out our app trailer in this Video: 

For more information, please visit the Clearpoll website:

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