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Most successful creators and marketing professionals outsource video editing. Having a professional editor handle your cuts, transitions, and VFX saves time and guarantees consistent high-quality content. Plus, it helps you stave off burnout, a challenge that 79% of creators struggle with.

However, handling video orders can be a pain in itself – from sharing footage to emailing back and forth with your editor for instructions.

Tasty Edits, a US-based video editing company, offers an alternative: VOMA, their proprietary order management platform. It promises to boost efficiency by centralizing all communication workflows for video editing, thumbnail creation, and YouTube channel management.

But can it keep that promise? We took a closer look.

What is VOMA?

VOMA is an acronym that stands for Video Order Management Application. It’s a platform that Tasty Edits has developed to make communications more efficient, as founder Alex Lefkowitz explains.

“The normal communication set-up between video editing companies and clients is inefficient. Say you’re a video creator and you hand off six hours of editing work to a professional editor. You might still spend three hours filling out complicated order forms, emailing back and forth about what you want editors to do, and battling to upload your footage to third-party cloud storage providers.”

The idea for VOMA was born in 2022, when Alex realized that his team was hitting a ceiling in terms of productivity. He’d launched Tasty Edits the year before, when his own video editing client base grew so fast that he had to assemble a team to handle all his orders. Soon, however, even a whole team struggled to manage all the administrative tasks that came with their video editing workflow – juggling multiple communication channels, spreadsheets, and invoicing applications.

Thinking outside the box, Alex decided to create a custom-tailored solution for his clients’ and editors’ needs. He turned to no-code platforms and progressive web apps and after several months of focused development, VOMA was born.

What are the benefits?

The key benefit of VOMA is that it eliminates the need to jump between different platforms while submitting, processing, reviewing, and invoicing a video editing order.

Creators sign up for VOMA and then have access to their personal dashboard. Here, they can buy editing credits, submit orders, communicate with their editors, comment on drafts, and download the final videos.

When submitting an order, they can specify exactly how they want it to be edited, including:

  • The pace (from slow to fast-paced)
  • The tone (ranging from serious and professional to fun and entertaining)
  • Channel assets (intros/outros/logos)
  • Example videos with styles to follow
  • Detailed instructions for editors and managing editors

Creators can also choose a variety of add-ons, from professionally-designed thumbnails to vertical and square video reformats for platforms such as YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram Reels, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

During the order process, they can also provide a video script and share their raw footage.

VOMA accepts files both as cloud storage links and through direct transfers. For the latter, it leverages lighting-fast transfers using the MASV framework, which can handle up-and download speeds of over 800 MB per second, twice those of Dropbox.

Customers appreciate the platform and its options: “We’re very comfortable with the style and communication and all. I think the system works really well as far as VOMA and notifications are concerned,” says Jeremy Jones from the Institute of Human Anatomy.

Turnaround times for orders are 48 hours or less for long-form and 24 hours for short-form videos. After that, editors will have drafts ready for review and, if necessary, revision.

Expanding VOMA to Include Channel Management

Since its initial launch, VOMA has been fine-tuned based on feedback from creators and editors. It has also evolved as Tasty Edits added additional services that clients requested frequently, particularly channel management.

YouTube channel managers specialize in handling the administrative aspects and routine workflows of video creation and publishing. Among other tasks, they handle uploading and scheduling new content, creating and revising video descriptions, adding tags, chapters, and captions, running in-depth analytics, drawing up content strategies, and doing keyword research.

When Tasty Edits started offering channel management, VOMA was expanded to add this option to the main creator dashboard.

Now, YouTubers can use VOMA to keep track of their video orders and check in with their personal channel manager to stay up to date on their contents’ performance, all in one place.

This is vital in a creator’s busy life: “I appreciate that you have VOMA. The other company was all over. Throughout the week, I get emails and messages multiple times, and I keep an eye on team chats in VOMA, so I always know what’s going on,” says John LaMorte of Johnnyfishalot.

The Bottom Line

In any line of business, communication is crucial, yet often plagued by friction losses. This is particularly true when it comes to outsourcing video editing.

VOMA is a straightforward solution to streamlining workflows and centralizing video order management. Creators can cut back on time lost hopping between platforms and focus on what matters most instead – filming more amazing content to engage their audience, and collaborating with a team of professionals to edit, upload, and promote it.

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