Volt Inu: Burn the Bridge Liquidity and List VOLT on Polygon

Volt Inu Burn the Bridge Liquidity and List VOLT on Polygon

Volt Inu, a unique deflationary meme token and partner of MelegaSwap, has garnered attention in the crypto world. It has now declared its intention to broaden its scope by launching on the third blockchain network, Polygon. The community will have the opportunity to cast their vote on this matter.

VOLT was created with the goal of providing a truly deflationary token that operates on two of the leading blockchain networks, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum. Its initial launch on the Ethereum network was met with much excitement, as the entire supply of the token was dedicated to Uniswap CEX’s liquidity. This allowed for maximum exposure and helped establish VOLT as a popular token among investors who could afford the ETH-associated fees.

However, to cater to a wider audience and offer a more accessible solution, VOLT was later launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This move was motivated by the high gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain, which made it difficult for some users to participate in transactions. The launch of VOLT on the BSC chain allowed more people to participate in the token and take advantage of its unique deflationary features.

To do this, they created a liquidity pool on PancakeSwap’s decentralized exchange while ensuring that the total circulating supply across both the ETH and BSC chains never exceeded 69 T tokens, as originally promised.

The expansion of Volt Inu to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain network has been a massive success, boosting the liquidity, popularity, and overall success of the ecosystem. The project, which was created as a supercharged Inu token designed to generate passive income and establish itself as a serious meme coin, has seen a remarkable increase in its reach and impact.

This is particularly notable given that such achievements are not often seen in the cryptocurrency world, especially for a meme coin.

Moreover, the subsequent listings on over 100 cryptocurrency exchanges, including MelegaSwap, have proven to be a game-changer for the Volt Inu ecosystem. The project has gained a huge following, attracting over 60,000 holders in total across the ETH and BSC blockchain networks since its takeoff on December 19th, 2021. This large community of supporters has come to be known as the “Volt Army,” demonstrating the widespread appeal of this innovative cryptocurrency. 

Volt Inu (VOLT) seeks community approval for deploying on Polygon

Volt Inu’s successful expansion to the BSC network and widespread adoption on multiple exchanges have been major accomplishments for the project. It has solidified its position as a serious player in the cryptocurrency world and as a top choice for investors looking for a fun, profitable meme coin.

However, VOLT’s community members have always been sending requests to the team members to once again extend the deflationary token to a new network, the most mentioned being the Polygon network. This came after they witnessed the success that emerged from its deployment on the BSC chain in early 2022.

Of course, the proposed deployment and listing of VOLT on the Polygon blockchain has the potential to bring immense benefits to the entire ecosystem. Nevertheless, the final decision cannot be made without the community’s consent. VOLT, being one of the foremost Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) in the cryptocurrency world, places great significance on the opinions and feedback of its members. The organization is always eager to fulfill as many of the community’s desires and expectations as possible.

In order to gain the community’s approval for the VOLT deployment and listing on Polygon, VOLT has taken the initiative to solicit feedback and opinions from its members. The team realizes that the success of the project depends on the support and cooperation of the community. VOLT remains committed to promoting transparency and inclusiveness in its decision-making processes.

In addition to seeking the community’s approval, VOLT also proposes to withdraw 25% of the Uniswap liquidity and allocate it to the Polygon blockchain. This move is aimed at ensuring the successful integration of VOLT into the new blockchain and providing adequate liquidity for smooth transactions. 

With this upcoming launch on Polygon, VOLT is once again expanding its reach and providing more options for its users. The launch on Polygon is expected to bring additional exposure and increase the overall liquidity of the token. By launching on multiple blockchain networks, VOLT is demonstrating its commitment to providing a truly decentralized and accessible solution for everyone.

Therefore, Volt Inu is offering two alternatives for the community to select from. The first option is to burn the current bridge liquidity and list VOLT on the Polygon network. The second option is to maintain the status quo and not make any advancements in its deployment.

The current single-choice voting process, which started on February 5 and will end on February 12, is aimed at determining the future of the VOLT token and its deployment on the Polygon network. If the community decides to proceed with the first option, the proposal submitted to the DAO will be validated, leading to a new 24-hour poll being submitted on EverOwn. This poll will validate and execute the withdrawal of 25% of the token’s liquidity, which is required for Volt Inu (VOLT) to be listed on the Polygon network.

However, if the community decides to reject the first option and the proposal is unsuccessful, no action will be taken, and the token will continue to operate as it does on the current two blockchain networks. This option will allow the token to maintain its current level of security and stability while also avoiding any potential risks associated with a change in the network.

Check out the official announcement and the live voting count here:

Burn the bridge liquidity & List VOLT on Polygon


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