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VNSMART Completed the 3.0 Update and Officially Upgraded to an Exchange. VNC broke $0.5, Fan’s token will also be Available?


VNSMART completed the update of version 3.0 on November 15, 2021, and officially upgraded to a blockchain securities trading platform with an Australian cryptocurrency operating license. It provides spot trading with over 50 pairs, futures trading, fiat trading, and stock trading, etc.

On the day of launch, the trading volume of VNC rose rapidly. The market price broke through a new high, breaking $0.5, soaring by 25.55%.

It is reported that the 3.0.1 version has been developed. The high-anticipated fan’s token is coming soon! What is the difference between Binance’s fan token and it? At that time, every user can issue their tokens through VNSMART, thereby gaining a chance to realize their dreams.

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Name: Josh Rearick


State & Country: London, UK


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