Vizio SmartCast App: Its Key Features and How To Use It?

With a significant market share, Vizio is, no doubt, among the reputed American companies dealing in electronics. Their smart TVs work on the SmartCast Operating system (an OS designed by Vizio itself).

If you don’t know about the SmartCast app which is a Vizio TV Remote App or wondering how to use it, this article is for you.

What is the Vizio SmartCast Application?

SmartCast OS takes the experience of streaming to the next level. And, the SmartCast application, when installed on phone and connected to the Vizio Smart TV, works as a remote control for the TV.

As the app replaces the physical TV remote, you can use it for streaming web series, movies, and other kinds of content on your TV.


The app comes with a large array of useful features that usually come in handy. A few of those features are discussed below:

  • Automatic Updates

SmartCast App automatically downloads the updates, which means you won’t need to manually initiate the process for updating. Thus you will be able to enjoy the app’s upgraded version and its features.

  • In-built Smart Apps

Chromecast and Apple AirPlay version 2 are available as in-built applications which help you in streaming multimedia from any device to the Vizio TV.

  • Advanced-level Features

If the SmartCast app is enabled, you will be able to enjoy the advanced-level features of cable TV. Plus, you don’t even need to have any kind of subscription. You don’t even need to log in to the account to start enjoying the streaming and all.

  • More Interactive

With the use of the SmartCast App, it becomes possible for you to control your TV’s features via voice commands. It is also possible to connect your mobile with smart home devices like Amazon Alexa. Thus, this application helps you in converting your phone into a more interactive device.

How to use the Vizio SmartCast App?

Below given are the crucial steps that you would need to take to make use of the Application to have a wonderful streaming experience with your Vizio TV:


No matter whether you have Android or iOS mobile, the SmartCast Application is available for both types of devices at no cost to the user.

So first, you should download the app on your phone. If you are using an Android phone, download and install the app from Google Play Store. Similarly, the app is available in the Apple App Store for iOS users.


Once you have successfully installed the app on your phone, the next step would be to create an account and get signed in. You can also sign into it as a guest in case you don’t want to bother creating any account.


Once you are signed in, you will see yourself on the homepage of the app from where you need to select the option labeled “Select Device”. This option will help you in incorporating the SmartCast app with your Vizio TV.

Next, if your device is connected to the internet and setup is complete, simply tap the option of “Add Device”, which will lead you to the full list of the devices that are connected to your internet network.

And, on the other hand, if the internet connection setup is not complete, first, you will need to select “Add Device” and then choose the option of “Setup New Device”, which will help you to connect the device to your internet network.


Thus, after completing the above-mentioned steps, your TV will get connected to your phone’s SmartCast App. Once the connection is set up successfully, you can start controlling your TV via your mobile phone and start streaming videos, etc.

Final Words

Above in this blog post, we have put light on the Vizio SmartCast App, its features, and how you can use it correctly You can read more such informative articles on also.

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