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Vital Tips To Improve Your Cleaning Business Franchise Sales With Franchise Management Software

In 2023, franchise management software holds immense value in bringing in sales for cleaning franchises. But the question is – how does this play a part in commercial cleaning franchises?

A franchise management system props up a platform to let franchisors and franchisees communicate among themselves. It improves marketing strategies, bolsters sales revenue, boosts branding, offers CRM, and looks after inventory management.

The software lends a helping hand to franchisors for their business growth by taking more franchisees on their payroll, accepting all possible leads and ensuring their conversions, keeping track of job execution performance based on real-time analytics, and making operations streamlined.

The software can also connect multiple franchisee locations through integrated communications via notifications and emails.

The software helps streamline the processes of sending quotes and bidding when it comes to freezing contracts.

At the same time, the software helps schedule jobs, conduct training programs, and much more.

Here are vital tips on using the most useful features of franchise management software to augment sales for cleaning or janitorial franchises.

1. Make the process of scheduling simpler

When it comes to all successful cleaning franchise businesses, scheduling happens to be an intrinsic part.

It’s all-important and can impact janitorial franchises favourably and unfavourably in keeping with the industry-experienced cutthroat competition where customers look for prompt, efficient, and well-timed cleanings. When your cleaning staff misses a scheduled cleaning job or shows up late damages your franchise brand image irreparably.

With high stakes in place, it’s no wonder why cleaning franchise managers devote plenty of time to fine-tune their employees’ schedules and keep them on a task that includes marketing, seizing sales, and levelling up operations.

They also set aside time to continue educating the employees via training sessions.

  • It helps maximize automation and simplify scheduling. As a result, you get to spend very little time doing time-consuming, labour-intensive daily and weekly tasks. You can make the most of some of the features laid down by franchise management software. And they’re as follows.
  • You can seek the help of the software in creating and assigning new jobs from all kinds of devices. You can instantly notify your franchisees, employees, field reps, and customers about any changes in schedule via text message or email based on their individual preferences.
  • It helps by letting you know the geographical location of your cleaning staff and effortlessly browses through several staff calendars to ascertain their availability and current status. This comes to your aid in responding promptly to urgent requests.
  • The software helps you set up a calendar for repetitive jobs, reschedule contract work automatically, and do away with redundant data entry tasks. It helps customize the budget and schedule frequency and time as and when required.
  • It facilitates instant tracking of work-related trouble tickets, inspection, scheduled tasks, or employees always working with powerful search tools.
  • It helps you in delegating the scheduling responsibility and empowering your employees. It comes up with self-service tools that mostly involve scheduling tasks. It keeps you up-to-date with any cases of overtime or scheduling conflicts by automating the process of sending alerts via text messages or emails.
  • Automating the task of generating alerts and sending them via the software keeps you up-to-date with situations when employees turn up late or they log in to the system away from the job site
  • You can easily add notes, extra instructions, and much other relevant information to the scheduling calendar so that personalized service can be rendered to clients for greater satisfaction.

2. Make the bidding process optimised

Most bids for cleaning jobs happen away from the office premise. To inspect and subsequently bid, you need to walk through the prospect’s building or office complex. For this, to carry out cleaning services, the need to have franchise management software is indisputable.

The software works well not just from an office laptop but also from mobile devices.The software ensures complete functionality when used on the road. In addition, it improves the bidding process by saving considerable time. Features related to bidding include the following.

  • You can make sure your prospects pick up an instant, good impression about your franchise business. During the preliminary check, specifics such as building measurements and client likings can be quickly and directly keyed into the mobile app. Consequently, sizable time is saved. Job details include building measurements, floor types, the number of work hours, the cleaning service frequency, pricing, etc.
  • Once the conversion of the prospects into paying clients is achieved, and they make an entry into the system, you can put the bidding data together for the creation of solid client profiles filled with supplementary notes, billing data, payment histories, and other important job information such as client preferences, the allotted work hours, security access codes, etc.
  • The software helps transfer the walkthrough data immediately to create bidding proposals, invoices, or emails for bidding and billing to happen sooner. No time is wasted on account of unneeded data entry.
  • You can save or copy the bidding proposals. With promptness, you can get customization of bidding templates furnished by franchise management software to obtain estimates. The software also helps you ensure all client correspondences are automatically archived so that supporting data can be provided during bidding, billing, and invoice generation if the need arises.
  • It offers robust security as it protects all vital customer information stored in a secure server that authorized users can access only.

3. Bring about an improvement in training outcomes

All major franchise management solutions are buoyed up by a powerful learning management system (LMS). It can be applied to generate training courses.

Furthermore, LMS lets you upload multimedia tools for teaching purposes, assign quizzes to franchise team members, and review them post-completion to gauge their level of understanding.

The software lets you assign training courses to franchise owners or specific employees. Their progress in acquiring the know-how from the training can be monitored with the help of robust reporting tools that operate at the backend. From these tools, you can also understand the extent of completion of the course material. Employees can accept these training programs from anywhere using all kinds of devices and complete them. Instructors are notified of the moment when their reviews are solicited by setting up automatic alerts.

The same devices can be used for the assignment of quizzes and for instructors to send links to reading resources housed within a privately managed intranet server in digital libraries.

4. Ensure a top-down approach while being at the helm

Irrespective of whether you’re trying to find ways to be in charge of your employees or field reps or control your global cleaning franchise units, franchise management software has the solution in the form of different modules.

  • You can utilize the development moduleit propel cleaning franchise sales.
  • The performance moduleof the franchise management software is employed for maintaining a competitive advantage and ensuring your cleaning service franchise is on track to pull off long-term business objectives.
  • You can make the most of the field service management module to reinforce and empower the field reps.
  • The marketing moduleof the franchise management system can be leveraged to assist bidding, branding, and lead generation processes.
  • You can benefit from the employee management moduleas it simplifies scheduling, reporting, and payroll.
  • The customer management moduleis meant to effect the smooth conversion of leads into paying customers and make the bidding process easier. Moreover, it helps reduce liability, resolve conflicts, smoothly generate invoices, and produce insightful reports.
  • You can also capitalize on the franchise support moduleas it helps automate low-value yet necessary customer service jobs. Besides, the module improves the training outcomes of employees and franchisees.

All these modules can be operated from a built-in mobile, and top-down control can be accomplished. Also, macro and micro perspectives can be altered seamlessly.



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