Vital Factors Influencing the Growth of the Fingerprint Identification in Healthcare Market

Fingerprint Identification in Healthcare Market

Many countries around the world are in the process of ramping up their healthcare infrastructure to provide quality treatment to the citizens. The growing number of infections and diseases has prompted the government bodies of numerous countries to upgrade healthcare facilities. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness about the importance of having a better and secure healthcare infrastructure.

Technology plays an important role in creating good healthcare facilities. Secure data management systems are important in developing a great healthcare infrastructure. The advent of numerous technologies like fingerprint identification in healthcare has strengthened the sector considerably. Hence, the fingerprint identification in healthcare market will observe a positive growth streak.

With fingerprint authentication, only those who are authorized can access patient data. These authentication systems add a layer of privacy and confidentiality to the healthcare facility. The patients and healthcare professionals find confidence and security with the presence of a fingerprint identification system. All these factors bode well for the growth of the fingerprint identification in healthcare market.

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A varied range of fingerprint identification systems exist in the market. Automated fingerprint identification systems and non-automated fingerprint identification systems are the major ones. Automation fingerprint identification enables automatic matching of the fingerprints stored in the database while non-automated fingerprint identification systems are simple and user-friendly. The popularity of these fingerprint identification systems will bring promising growth.

Nearly Impossible Imitation and Enhanced Protection to Increase the Demand for Fingerprint Identification Systems in Healthcare

Data security is a critical aspect in the healthcare industry and with the penetration of fingerprint identification systems in healthcare. One may point out that passwords and card-based frameworks are also good means of securing data but it has a major problem. Passwords can be forgotten and cards can be lost or stolen. Fingerprints are a natural attribute and they are hard to copy or imitate.

Rising Data Breaches in the Healthcare Sector to Accelerate the Adoption of Fingerprint Identification Systems

Rapid digitalization has its pros and cons. Digitalization has gifted the world with novel technologies but has also invited many threats. To eliminate these threats, the use of fingerprint identification is important in the healthcare sector. Data leakage can have serious implications on the privacy of the patients. Thus, to prevent all these discrepancies, fingerprint identification systems are necessary for the healthcare sector. Based on this factor, the global market for fingerprint identification in healthcare will garner sufficient growth.

Government Initiatives for Tackling Data Breach Threats to Bring Immense Growth Prospects

The governments of various countries have framed legislation and acts that mandate the tracking of electronic records each time a healthcare professional accesses them. The expanding cases of data theft have urged many governments to introduce new acts and legislation regarding the protection of patient privacy. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a classic instance of such acts and legislations. This act mandates healthcare professionals to deploy appropriate security for patient data. These factors bring golden growth opportunities,

The fingerprint identification in healthcare market is stated to observe a positive growth trajectory in the coming period due to the rise in healthcare facilities on the back of the COVID-19 pandemic. The increasing number of patients also indicates a rise in patient data. To secure hefty patient data, the need for fingerprint identification systems in healthcare is increasing at a rapid rate. These factors will prove to be game-changers for the fingerprint identification in healthcare market.

Fingerprint identification systems purely rely on a user’s physical characteristics for identification. This factor makes the fingerprint identification systems very reliable and robust. The strength of the fingerprint identification systems in healthcare lies in their success rate across other sectors. The success rate will serve as a good revenue generator.

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