Visual Artist Ruby Leyi Yang On Coding As A Form Of Communication

Visual Artist Ruby Leyi Yang

In the realm of contemporary art, boundaries are constantly being redrawn. One artist, Ruby Leyi Yang, is one artist of profound intrigue. Her journey is marked by an exploration of visual mediums but also by an earnest quest to unravel the essence of communication. 

This pursuit has led the artist down a path less traveled by many visual artists—into the intricate world of coding. It’s a venture that marries the worlds of art and technology, revealing their underlying connectedness through Yang’s innovative lens.

Ruby’s artistic life is a testament to her belief that communication transcends verbal or written exchanges; it is an immersive experience that can be visual, tactile, and interactive. 

This philosophy guided her towards coding—a language she perceives as both free and boundless. Unlike traditional languages confined by grammar and syntax, coding offers an open-ended platform where creativity knows no bounds. It was during her MFA program that Ruby encountered a project which would pivot her career towards this new horizon. Tasked with designing a 3D model to mimic a 2D appearance, she recognized the necessity of coding knowledge in bringing complex visions to life. All of her coding projects are marked by her hand-drawn artwork, giving it an offline touch. 

Coding As A Form Of Communication

For Ruby, learning to code was akin to discovering a new dialect in the language of art—one that could convey nuances impossible through conventional mediums alone. It allowed for the creation of dynamic works that invite viewer interaction, thus breaking down barriers between the artist and audience. 

One such piece—a checkerboard representation of a Gertrude Stein poem—is emblematic of Ruby’s innovative approach. Here, each square encodes a word from Stein’s poem, offering viewers a unique way to engage with the text beyond its literal meaning.

Ruby’s work underscores her conviction that words are just the surface layer of communication; true understanding requires peeling back these layers to explore deeper connections. Interactive art serves as an ideal medium for this exploration by requiring participants to engage on multiple levels—intellectually, emotionally, and physically. Through coding, she crafts experiences that encourage active participation rather than passive consumption.

Coding As A Form Of Communication

As Ruby continued to delve deeper into the coding world, she remained conscious of its potential not just as a tool for artistic creation – but one as a medium for fostering more profound human connections. “Coding,” she says, “is not about instructing computers; it’s about conversing with them.” This perspective highlights her belief in technology’s capacity to enhance our understanding of one another — a vision shared across her body of work.

Her dedication to expanding her artistic oeuvre has resulted in art that does more than just captivate us visually; it challenges viewers to reconsider their perceptions of communication and connectivity in the digital age. 

By integrating coding into her practice, Ruby Leyi Yang doesn’t merely adapt to contemporary artistic trends; she redefines them. Her projects invite us into participatory spaces where art becomes not just something we see but something we experience—and through which we might learn new ways to communicate with each other.

Despite her achievements, Ruby views herself as merely at the beginning stages of this journey—a testament to her humility and relentless curiosity. She envisions future projects where interactive elements play even greater roles in conveying messages both subtle and profound.

Ruby Leyi Yang stands at the vanguard of artists reimagining how we define artistry in the digital era—a testament not only to technological innovation but also human ingenuity’s boundless potential when freed from conventional constraints.

Through each coded line and every interactive piece, Yang articulates an evolving narrative where art meets technology—not as adversaries but as allies—in enriching human connection across unseen spectrums.

For those interested in experiencing Ruby Leyi Yang’s groundbreaking work firsthand or learning more about her creative philosophy can visit her website, There lies not only a portfolio but also an invitation: To explore communication beyond words through interactive art forms powered by coding—the language that bridges gaps between perception and reality.

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