Visionary AI Expert Manas Joshi’s Pursuit for Accessible Glaucoma Detection

In the competitive world of tech, Manas Joshi has carved out a space where innovation meets humanitarian aid. With a robust background in AI, NLP, and health tech, and a role as a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, Joshi is no stranger to high-pressure environments and the forefront of technological advancement.

During his tenure at Microsoft, Joshi led several critical projects in the Cloud and AI division, creating experiences now used by millions of people around the globe. One of the hallmark achievements of Joshi’s career at Microsoft was his role as a founding member of the shopping vertical. This initiative, which was built from the ground up, was a critical project for Microsoft. During his fruitful tenure at Microsoft, Joshi has been at the helm of several vital initiatives. His research paper on Label Density Detection has not only led to remarkable insights at several conferences but has also garnered him awards, including the Best Research Paper Award in Machine Learning at the Annual DSML conference.

But beyond his corporate accolades, Joshi has channeled his expertise into a cause that stands to benefit society at large. Through his non profit initiative,(Full Vision AI) he is working tirelessly to make glaucoma detection both accessible and affordable. Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide, a condition that can be managed effectively through early detection. Full Vision AI stands as a beacon of hope in this scenario, utilizing the power of AI to bring easy and affordable detection methods to communities globally, potentially saving countless individuals from blindness. This groundbreaking approach has the potential to break barriers to glaucoma detection, bringing comprehensive testing to communities where it was previously unattainable due to prohibitive costs. The non profit under the leadership and expertise of Mr. Joshi is working on solutions that would potentially allow for an extensive range of eye examinations to be carried out using a simple VR headset and AI algorithms running in the cloud, making eye care accessible in remote and underserved areas. This novel approach would not only drastically reduce the costs associated with eye care but also foster early detection of a myriad of eye conditions, significantly reducing the risk of blindness.

Aside from his roles in the tech industry, Joshi is also a published author. His book, “The AI Expedition,” is a friendly guide to the world of artificial intelligence. Breaking down complex topics into easy-to-understand language, the book is a testament to Joshi’s commitment to spreading knowledge and making the field of AI accessible to a broader audience, encouraging more people to learn and understand the technology that is reshaping our present and future. In it, he breaks down the intricate world of artificial intelligence into simple, understandable terms, sharing his wealth of knowledge with both beginners and experts in the field. It’s a book that opens up the complex world of AI, making it accessible to anyone interested in learning about the powerful technology that is reshaping our world.

As Manas Joshi continues to balance a successful corporate career and a potentially life-changing initiative in Full Vision AI, he stands as a shining example of how technology, when used wisely and with a humanitarian vision, can truly change the world for the better. You can learn more about Manas on his personal blog at

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