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Vishwanath Eswarakrishnan: Driving Innovation and Mentorship in Tech

Vishwanath Eswarakrishnan

Vishwanath Eswarakrishnan’s remarkable journey in software engineering is a testament to his dedication, creativity, and leadership. From his early days as a passionate coder to his current role as a senior software engineer at Meta, Vishwanath has consistently demonstrated his ability to adapt, innovate, and drive impact across diverse domains.

Early Days and Education

Vishwanath’s fascination with coding began in school, where he was introduced to HTML and JavaScript. His passion for coding grew as he excelled in it, leading him to pursue a career in computer science. He completed his undergraduate and master’s degrees in computer science and has been based in the Bay Area since 2014.

Professional Beginnings

Vishwanath began his professional journey with an internship at NetApp, where he collaborated closely with the Security QA team. This initial exposure paved the way for a full-time role at NetApp’s Sunnyvale office.

NetApp Tenure

During his tenure at NetApp, Vishwanath transitioned to working on Security features alongside the development team. Specifically, he focused on enhancing the Netapp ONTAP Operating System’s application layer security features.

Nimble Storage and Expansion

Transitioning from NetApp, Vishwanath joined Nimble Storage, a startup experiencing rapid growth. Within a similar team, he continued to delve into Security features. His role gradually expanded to encompass the development of encryption at rest features for the Nimble OS (NimOS). Additionally, he collaborated closely with UI Engineers, ensuring seamless integration of frontend elements with backend functionalities.

eBay and Cloud Innovation

Following Nimble Storage’s acquisition by HPE, Vishwanath joined eBay, where he leveraged his versatility and technical acumen to drive innovation in cloud native solutions. He immersed himself in compute infrastructure, particularly focusing on Kubernetes-related features within Tess – a Kubernetes wrapper with additional functionalities such as federation.

Cruise and Simulation Infrastructure

Seeking new challenges, Vishwanath transitioned to Cruise, an autonomous vehicle company, where he joined the Simulation infrastructure team. He contributed to projects involving compute infrastructure, including Autoscaler integration with Azure and enhancing worker agent functionalities to expose compute utilization metrics.


In March 2024, Vishwanath embarked on a new chapter in his career by joining Meta, where he leads the development and scaling of ad metrics infrastructure for Instagram. His responsibilities include designing features from inception to execution, fostering collaboration and alignment with stakeholders, and spearheading implementation alongside a dedicated team of engineers.

Mentorship and Guidance

As a trusted technical advisor for startups, Vishwanath has identified a common pain point: a lack of technical expertise. To address this, he stresses the value of implementing essential processes, including adopting version control systems, selecting a suitable tech stack, automating tasks where possible, and incorporating rigorous unit testing practices. By establishing these robust processes, startups can build a strong foundation for growth and success.

Legacy and Impact

Throughout his journey, Vishwanath has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to leadership, mentorship, and driving innovation in software engineering. His passion for mentorship and leadership is contagious, inspiring others to pay it forward and make a positive impact. Vishwanath’s influence extends far beyond his own accomplishments, leaving a lasting legacy in the tech community.


This article celebrates Vishwanath’s remarkable career, highlighting his impact across diverse domains, his commitment to mentorship and leadership, and his significant contributions to the tech industry. Through his innovative projects and groundbreaking research, he has set new benchmarks in technology. His story serves as a guiding example for aspiring software engineers, inspiring them to pursue their passions and strive for excellence, emphasizing the importance of perseverance, continuous learning, and embracing challenges. Vishwanath’s dedication to fostering inclusive environments further underscores his influence and lasting legacy in the tech community.

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