Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality: Where to apply the Innovative Technology?

Innovative Technology

It is becoming increasingly clear what great potential virtual reality (VR) has in numerous fields. VR originated primarily in the entertainment industry. 

VR is already established in the entertainment sector

VR has long since gained a foothold in video games. In the meantime there are more and more video games that can be played in virtual reality. In the meantime, even the traditional card game Poker has managed to be played in this exciting way. Virtual reality is revolutionizing the way to enjoy games with all your senses. 

However, the technology is not only applied in the field of games, as it is currently increasingly finding its way into other areas of society and the economy.

Online gaming companies use this technology to bring their offerings closer to the customer in a realistic way. To test an online game, it is best to use bonuses that the operators make available to new customers. With a BetMGM bonus code, you have the opportunity to double your deposit amount and can try out the offer at your leisure.

Some other examples that show current application possibilities

Science, the film industry, sports and even automobile companies all use VR. The following is a brief overview of what is already possible today.


Ikea enables customers to virtually walk through their kitchens from home, true to scale and in realistic graphic representation.


The car manufacturer Audi has installed VR stations in showrooms. Customers have the possibility to view any car configuration almost true to the original.

Film industry

Regarding the film industry, the dormant potential has long been recognized. That is why there is an increasing investment in VR movies here. Oculus has founded a “Story Studio” especially for this purpose.


In the future, however, sports events could also be broadcasted in VR. In this case, the viewer would then be able to benefit from the perspective of a top seat directly in the stadium, for example.


This is precisely where VR could play a very special role. Here it would then be possible for consumers to interact with realistically displayed digital copies of their favorite actors in digital eroticism.

Science and medicine also benefit from the new technology

VR is already used, for example, in the treatment of phantom pain in amputation patients.

VR can also support medical diagnostics and be used to train surgical techniques. VR can also be used in telemedicine. However, it also provides an extended surgical field of vision.

According to various studies, VR can also be used for the therapy of soldiers with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and for the treatment of other anxiety disorders.

But VR can also be used to simulate the training of different professional groups. This includes, for example, the training and further education of pilots, astronauts or even train drivers. 

How the future could look like

Thus it seems conceivable to create an almost infinitely large virtual space. Millions of people from all over the world will be networked here. They will all be free of language and physical barriers. In this way, communication and interaction are possible without any problems. A world would be created here in which neither skin color, age, language, origin nor any physical impairments would play a role. 

But one thing is already certain, quite independently of how VR will develop in the future, it is invented, it exists and thus it will definitely not disappear from life. It will continue to develop and this will certainly not be very long in coming. It will certainly follow the general development trend of the technology. 

It can therefore be assumed that the next generation in this field will already be smaller, more comfortable and also cheaper. With the existing potential of this technology, it can be assumed that many areas of life could undergo fundamental changes.

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