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Virtual Influencer Agency Revamps Content Creation with Unreal Engine 5 and Metahuman Pipeline

Content Creation with Unreal Engine 5 and Metahuman Pipeline

Hype X is an Abu Dhabi based agency that creates engaging franchises where users can interact with virtual influencer-generated content, games, manga, and more. At the center of their work is the adoption of Unreal Engine 5 (UE5), a powerful creation tool that game developers and filmmakers use to build and render stunning, life-like scenes in real time. This technology is crucial for Hype X as they strive to lead the virtual influencer industry.

When asked about this new technology, Ivan Malakhov, chief executive officer at Hype X, says 

“Marketing content is quickly transforming into something out of a sci-fi novel,” highlighting the exciting and volatile technological development.

Reinventing Content Production

Under Malakhov’s guidance, the team at Hype X has transformed traditional content production methods into something more revolutionary. “Adopting Unreal Engine 5 allows us to produce truly stunning visuals. The software ensures our virtual influencers stay relevant, fluid, and captivating,” Malakhov explains. 

The recent adoption of UE5 speeds up Hype X’s content creation and directly improves the realism of their virtual influencer’s animations, making them more relatable and engaging.

The demand for consistent, high-quality content that resonates with audiences is increasing. The UE5 metahuman pipeline, a new sub-software for creating detailed digital humans, aids creators in developing characters with profound expressions and cultural relevance.

Business Growth Through Novel Avenues

Outside the artistry, these technological enhancements have significant business implications—especially when marketed correctly by experts like Malakhov.

At Hype X, Unreal Engine 5’s efficiency and power were crucial in securing over 520,000 followers for their bespoke line of VTuber influencers.

Malakhov’s initiatives at Hype X allows the agency to overcome the challenges of high-volume virtual influencer content production on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Overcoming Digital Challenges

Despite the promise of such advanced software, Malakhov acknowledges the hurdles it needs to overcome. Debate continues over whether virtual influencer content might undermine the quality of human interactions and negatively influence user behaviors.

The two main concerns are that virtual influencers could create parasocial relationships, replacing real-life human interaction in the consumer’s life. This may promote addictive behaviors, potentially reinforcing biases and limiting exposure to different viewpoints.

Nonetheless, Malakhov stands by the work at Hype X. “We understand that there are small issues in engaging with virtual influencers, so our team has worked tirelessly to ensure privacy, humanity, and respect for everyone. It’s important to remember that our virtual influencers are no different than real world celebrities, in that regard.”

Future Prospects and Reflections

Hype X is not the first company to use tools like UE5, but they are one of the few to do so in such a manner. Combined with the social media discovery algorithms crafted by Hype X’s engineers, few can speculate what may come next.

As the world of virtual influencers continues to evolve, pioneers like Malakhov are actively changing the face of digital interaction and brand engagement. Malakhov’s approach is crucial to ensure Hype X’s projects take the content creation game to even higher levels.

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