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Virtual Event Marketing Ideas & Tips to Generate More Leads

Virtual Events

You can get a lot of leads with your organized virtual events. So, it is essential that you work on marketing and communication during the hybrid event. It requires best practices to promote an event and makes the attendees register.

Hence, here are the various ideas and tips that can be helpful to promote your virtual event and generate as many leads as possible.

#9 Virtual Event Marketing Ideas


9 Virtual events ideas for companies that can be helpful to promote their upcoming events are as follows:


  1. Event Website Promotion: You can use various websites, whether yours or others, for easy promotion of your hybrid event. Moreover, you can issue press releases and guest blogs in order to market your virtual event.


  1. Event Registration and Ticket Promotions: Use the registration or ticket booking page in your virtual meeting platform infographics and content. It will help you in the smooth promotion.


  1. Social Media Event Marketing: You can use various social media platforms to promote your hybrid event. Create hashtags, posts, feeds, and status for marketing. Also, you can ask your speakers to promote your event on their social media accounts.


  1. Paid Event Advertising: You can refer to advertising on some paid platforms. Moreover, you can start paid campaigns on social media or use Google ads to make your event more famous.


  1. Event Email Marketing: Emailing is a more professional and authentic way to promote your virtual event. So, you can use various Email marketing solutions like Mailchimp or Hubspot. You have to create different types of emailers to convey your message efficiently.


  1. Influencer Marketing: You can reach a bigger market with influence marketing. Most big companies, such as Motorola, Adidas, Pepsi, and Dunkin’ Donuts, use influencer marketing. So, you can also hire influencers to market your virtual product launch or any other event through their platform. They create a creative and different form of content like videos, images, or words to inform the audience about the hybrid event.


  1. Refer and Earn: You can attract audience to audience easily by giving some prizes for referring to the virtual event. Many people have won a lot of rewards by referring to the applications and other links. So, you can use refer and earn as the best virtual events ideas for easy marketing.


  1. Free Publicity: Many online communities and organizations are available online to publicize the upcoming events for free. They have a significant following. So, you can add this free publicity to your virtual events ideas.


  1. Participate in Contest and Win: You can start some online contests and quizzes to grab easy attention. If you have a paid event, you can give tickets for free or a discount with this contest for your paid hybrid events. This way, you can collect great potential customers at your virtual event platform.

#12 Tips to Generate More Leads with Virtual Events!

12 Tips that can be helpful to generate more leads with virtual events are as follows:


  1. Work on Your Landing Page: You must create a well-designed and well-structured landing page. A fully customizable virtual meeting platform offers options to display the event timer, date, infographics, etc., all as per your need. You can use images, videos, and even gifs on your landing page to share any information.


  1. Use Blogs to Capture Leads: All you require is the analysis skills to grab your potential customers and turn them into leads. So, write different websites and guest blogs and keep track of visitors to avoid missing potential leads.


  1. Partner with Industry Specialists: You can also get more leads by shaking hands with the industry experts. Nowadays, people follow their idols on social media. So, it can be a good deal for you. Just reach them for the promotion of your virtual product launch and even invite them to your virtual meeting platform for a session.


  1. Reach a Wider Audience: You need to reach the maximum audience to get beneficial leads. So, pick the right virtual event platform that takes your hybrid event to a global audience.


  1. Use CTA for Smooth Connection: Call to action is crucial to influence the users efficiently and create a better connection. You can attach an instant link of ordering to your hybrid event, infographics, or content for easy reach.


  1. Provide 1:1 Live Chat, Audio, and Video Call Option: The attendees can contact you directly if you provide live chat, audio, or video call options on your virtual event platform. You can easily influence them by communicating with them directly.


  1. Generate Questions for Audience Polls: You can develop some questions related to your product. It will be helpful for you to engage the audience and make them a lead.


  1. Analyze the Q&A Session Data: You can get detailed data on attendees during the Q&A session. It can be helpful to reach some potential customers. Answer their queries and get them to your list of leads.


  1. Observe the Engagement Data: You can get great engagement tools and complete insight with the best virtual event platform. Moreover, you can analyze this data to get information about the attendees engaged at your virtual booth during the hybrid event.


  1. Use a Creative Way to Engage With Attendees: The completely customizable virtual event platform provides various creative ways to engage with your attendees. You can influence the users easily with engagement and entertainment.


  1. Keep Tracking, Tracking, Tracking: It is necessary that you keep track of all the attendees that registered or joined your virtual event. You can get a detailed insight report with the best virtual exhibition platform.


  1. Mandatorily Take Follow-Ups: It is vital to take feedback from all the users when you host a virtual event. You can get beneficial information from the attendees efficiently with some points of suggestion and follow-ups.

So, these are the various virtual event marketing ideas and tips that can be helpful to generate more leads effortlessly. You can implement these tricks to your usual ideas for better results. Hope, you will find this article beneficial to generate more leads with some tips and better marketing ideas.

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