Vinchin Backup & Recovery 7.0: What’s New?

The highly anticipated new release 7.0 of Vinchin Backup & Recovery will be coming soon! Numerous new features are coming your way including NAS backup, physical server backup for Linux and Windows servers, VMware backup verification, MariaDB protection and more advanced Hyper-V protection. 

Here is the quick overview of new features in version 7.0.

VMware Backup Verification

Automatic backup verification in an isolated verification lab for VMware users is now supported. VMware administrators can make sure that the backups are valid and well-prepared for disaster recovery, which, is one of the determining factors of data retrieval success.

You can only take chances with the integrity and accuracy of data saved to the backup solution in the past. Occasionally, incomplete or invalid data is transferred to the backup software and threatens business continuity once an interruption occurs.

With the VMware data verification of Vinchin Backup & Recovery v7.0, you can now perform a fully-automated validation test in the lab at specified intervals with a same setup of the primary site but has no effect on the production environment.

Backup verification is designed to guarantee backup data availability and ensure that organizations are adequately poised to restore backups from any data loss event.

NAS Backup

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is one of the most versatile storage media to keep various data such as pictures, files, videos, etc. for many enterprises across industries because of its flexibility and scalability.

Backup can pull the lost data from the brink. By saving another copy of data on your NAS device, you will be able to restore it seamlessly with the least impact on business reputation and finance.

Vinchin Backup & Recovery 7.0 not only supports NAS backup but also does it well. It helps you set up a complete and efficient NAS backup plan with high-performance massive file backup, flexible job scheduling, and storage-saving data compression feature.                      

You can also fully utilize Backup Copy feature to create extra NAS backup copies on secondary or offsite storage to get better prepared for emergencies.

Linux & Windows Server Backup

Except the VM, NAS, and database backup, physical server backup matters as well. Our new release now extends to the backup of physical server running crucial applications.

Vinchin Backup & Recovery 7.0 performs application-aware backup to protect both Windows and Linux servers in a reliable and efficient way. 

As easy as virtual machine backup, you can still customize the backup plan with a bunch of features through simple configurations in a single web-based console. 

Taking data security into account, Vinchin secures the vital data with assured security mechanisms. Data encryption encrypts the data with AES-256 encryption standard, and every time there’s a recovery request, password verification to unlock the backups will be required; Meanwhile, Encrypted Transmission also protects data by encrypting transfer path with SSL encryption technology during the whole process.

Currently, there are still many companies that tend to use physical servers for sharing files, saving cost, or locally installed apps, now you could resort to Vinchin Backup & Server 7.0 in such cases.

MariaDB Database Protection

Finally! One of the most popular database servers globally, MariaDB is now supported by the Vinchin Backup & Recovery 7.0 with comprehensive backup strategies and security measures.

V7.0 delivers automatic backup and recovery with self-defined scheduling and multiple database backup types for MariaDB in both physical servers and VMs.

Additionally, restore the MariaDB database backups to arbitrary destinations such as the original database, or a new one easily. Likewise, the control over databases is also from the web-based console.

Rest assured that all backups saved in the Vinchin server will be safe and sound via the AES-256 encryption standard, even if the ransomware attacks, or primary site fails, there is always a way (Backup Storage Protection and more) in place for the data security.

Extra Bonus

Vinchin Backup & Recovery 7.0 also delivers a more intuitive and dynamic data visualization interface with attached statistics from daily operations for enhanced and straightforward data management. 


You can project the interface to the big screen for a meeting or continuous data monitoring. The data visualization feature is made for the data-driven decision making of businesses from a broader perspective.

Want to give the new features a go? Feel free to download 60 days free trial of Vinchin Backup & Recovery 7.0 for more surprises.

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