Villains Verse – The NFT collection backed by serious entrepreneurs has the potential to turn the tides in the web 3 space

With the recent AI proliferation, there have been innovations across different sectors and new avenues for investment opportunities.  The Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) industry was quick to catch up to the AI opportunities in web 3. NFTs are unique digital assets spanning different categories like art, music, business, game items, collectables and real estate among other categories, making AI integration intuitive.

It is significant to know that NFTs came to light in 2014. However, its popularity reached newer heights only in the past few years. Bringing creativity and innovation into the investment space, every NFT collection is one-of-a-kind, and they cannot be replicated. Despite the hit the NFT market took in 2020, as per the stats, the NFT market is still worth over $22 billion, and it is projected that the NFT market will touch $80 billion by 2025. However, for the market to reach its potential, there is a need for quality projects led by founders who can bring the right through leadership and expertise to the web 3 world. With BTC and Ordinals being a new space in the industry, there is much promise for a new market that has learned much from its predecessor to create something that is more impactful. The BTC community so far proved to be the most collaborative and supportive community in the web 3 space, where founders and community members are working together to build something great for the ordinals web 3 space.

As more and more people embrace innovative technology by investing in NFTs, one project provides a lot of promise, in the NFT, and especially the ordinals space. Villains Verse. The project is led by a founder who has made a massive mark in the web 2 space. The project has a great roadmap, and is backed by a network of serial entrepreneurs. The art collection itself is by far the best art in the ordinals space, captivating the attention of its fast growing community. Through his network and credibility in web 2, Enzo, the founder, succeeded in bringing new NFT investors to the market that otherwise would never have entered the space.

Our interest in the project started by the founders profile. Having built a multi-billion-dollar company and serving as a trusted advisor for renowned tech giants like Apple. With a spectacular background in entrepreneurship, Enzo’s expertise and strategic mindset can truly bring some structure and the right innovative and strategic thinking the web 3 space needs right now. As a result, Villain Verse has already won the attention of industry leaders with prominent names like Carnival Cruise Lines, Delag, EDC, Abex Core, and others, led by a Ferrari!

Villains Verse offers an incredible experience that grants NFT holders membership to an elite network of high-level individuals. That said, the most interesting aspect of the Villains Verse is the team’s ability to engage the community in the most innovative way. They created a fun experience for the members to contribute to the story of the Villains Verse, which is being written by an award winning best seller writer, Chrys Philips.  A “Villain”, which is an investor holding the Villains Verse NFT, has a range of merits. Besides unique artwork, NFT holders at Villainse Verse have access to a select AI app offering multiple and exclusive features to engage with the Villains world. The project looks promising as it has already collaborated with established names like Doodle Bored Ape and Moon Birds, and many others.

Will Villains Verse be the new Bored Ape Club in the BTC and Ordinals Space? Will Enzo be able to make yet another dent on a new industry? We are very hopeful for the possibilities that this might bring to a new and promising space such as the ordinals space.

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